Mad Cave Studios Welcomes Two New Senior Editors

The future looks bright as Mad Cave Studios welcomes two new Senior Editors to the team, Lauren McGrew-Hitzhusen and Chas! Pangburn.


“We are extremely pleased to welcome Chas and  Lauren on as part of the new editorial team,” said CEO of Mad Cave, Mark London. “Chas! will be leading our editorial team for Mad Cave Studios, including overseeing all books under that catalog and Lauren will be leading our editorial team for Maverick, including overseeing all books under that catalog. They both bring with them a wealth of experience, a keen eye and solid editorial judgment which will serve to help establish the Mad Cave and Maverick brand within the ever-changing marketplace.”

“I am beyond thrilled to have Chas and Lauren leading our editorial teams at Mad Cave and Maverick, respectively.” said Publisher, Chris Fernandez, “Seeing their enthusiasm for both imprints has truly been an inspiration. That enthusiasm is already making itself evident across our lineup of titles to come. Needless to say, the future looks bright with the addition of Lauren and Chas to our team.”


“I read my first graphic novel at around thirteen years old and I have always had a passion for young adult literature,” said Lauren McGrew-Hitzhusen. “I love Maverick’s mission of bringing authentic and inspiring stories to life in their books and am excited to work with the talented creators and team at Mad Cave Studios. I’m thrilled to step into this new role as the senior editor of the Maverick team.”

“Having scoured the industry for years, I’m very fortunate to have found a “forever home” in Mad Cave Studios,” said Chas! Pangburn. “Every individual within the company is friendly, driven, and beyond passionate—they’re firing on all cylinders. As a senior editor, I’m looking forward to making an impact on our internal team, freelance collaborators, and future readers. 2022 and beyond is going to be a very exciting time for all.”

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