M. Zachary Sherman talks about SENTIENT

zack-shermanWhat if everything you knew about your life was a lie? That is the premise of Sentient from Hermes Press and our friend Zack Sherman. Zack was nice enough to catch our readers up on all things Sentient from his new home in Germany.

First Comics News: Who is Robert Moore?

M. Zachary Sherman: Robert Moore is a commercial illustrator stuck in the mundane, yet high-stress, job of advertising. His life is pretty bland. Work, a few friends, a drink after hours and the occasional bike ride through Golden Gate Park on the weekends (when he’s not working.) All in all, a normal Joe who works hard, has an overbearing boss and few outlets.
Or so he believes…

sentient-1b1st: Everyone has bad dreams at times why does Robert have trouble separating his dreams for real life?

Zack: At first we think maybe its fatigue that’s bringing his creative side to the forefront of his consciousness and making him dream. It’s true that the mind really is a fragile thing. But it quickly ends up being so much more than just nightmares. Robert is more than he seems…

1st: Is he schizophrenic?

Zack: No, that’s for certain. His nightmares are ripping the fabric of reality away from his mind. They’re starting to make him feel as if he’s losing his mind. But he’s not schizophrenic. It’s something deeper than that. It’s making him start to question his reality. Who is he? What is he?

sentient-1a1st: So is Robert Moore life more like “A Beautiful Mind” or “Total Recall”?

Zack: Neither, frankly. …you’ll see. Because I can’t tell you or I’ll give it away.

1st: I have to ask with a title like Sentient, is Robert human or an AI?

Zack: All will be explained in the first two issues, but let’s put it this way. What is “reality” and what is “humanity?” Is it the skin in which we live or is it the soul, the essence of what we are, that makes us human? And if, just if, we could replicate that perfectly, could you call that creation “human?”

1st: Why set up a life for Robert as an advertising illustrator, if he is so much more?

sentient-2Zack: There is a complexity about monotony. If you’re occupied with trying to do better at something all the time, and never looking outside of that everyday task, then you’ll never question what’s going on around you. But if something were to ignite that interest, then, well, you may begin to seek answers for questions. And maybe some people in certain positions don’t want individuals looking for the truth, do they?

1st: What is that catalyst that starts Robert on the road to the truth?

Zack: The nightmares are the beginning, but it’s when Robert finds Juliet, his girlfriend, supposedly cheating on him that he tumbles down the rabbit hole.

1st: Robert’s girlfriend is sneaking around behind his back, is she cheating on him or does she have a double life?

sentient-3Zack: The problem with writing a mystery is– I can’t tell you. Let’s just say there’s more than a beautiful façade behind Juliet Malray.

1st: This is a monthly series, where does the series go once Robert discovers the truth?

Zack: Robert’s life rockets in a direction both he, and the reader, would never expect. He’s going to be ripped from his mundane existence into a very fast-paced world of action and adventure. The first five issues set up a small example of that and as we progress, the action and the situations Robert and Juliet find themselves in will be high-speed, high-tech and high-octane.

1st: Who is the artist on the series?

sentient-4Zack: Javier Xerx is a relative unknown in the US, but is a Filipino powerhouse. He’s worked with me before on “Executive Outcomes” and he’s a super talented guy. So no, DC and Marvel, you can’t have him yet!

1st: When is the series scheduled to debut?

Zack: It should be out now, but please if your store doesn’t have it, ask them to order it! You won’t be sorry, I promise!

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