RICH INTERVIEWS: Benjamin Crutcher Actor “Spaghettiman”

First Comics News: How did you become Spaghettiman by getting the acting part in this move?

Benjamin Crutcher: I did what any self-respecting potential actor does, I created a character that only I myself could play!

1st: What powers did you have as Spaghettiman?

Benjamin: Spaghettiman has developed the ability to harness spaghetti as a weapon – by redefining the laws of physics, and hurling spaghetti at such a velocity that it has become a danger to anyone who defies him. And we imply an insane regenerative capability.

1st: Would you like to have Spaghettiman’s powers, why or why not?

Benjamin: Yeah, as opposed to not having any at all? Unfortunately, I would likely keep them to myself, or exploit them to develop a pro wrestling career. I know the WWE could use a few spaghetti related story lines that I would love to be a part of.

1st: How would you describe the personality you played Spaghettiman as having?

Benjamin: He’s a real big jerk – with a tiny heart inside.

1st: Would you say Spaghettiman is like any other super-hero?

Benjamin: I would say he’s a third tier super-hero, like a bench player you keep on reserve in the event everyone else is injured. The guy you call up when the understudy to Batman has fallen ill. Some have compared him to Deadpool – but likely only because they premiered the same weekend, to very different receptions.

1st: How did your improv skills help you with this role?

Benjamin: Improv has taught me pretty much everything I know about acting. Sticking to the reality of the character that we have developed is extremely important in improv, and was crucial in shooting this film. There are plenty of moments where we had to stop and ask whether or not this was something Spaghettiman would do/say.

1st: What was your role in “Opposite Sex”?

Benjamin: Man, I had to look that one up to figure it out for myself! This was, from what I can tell, a college project that someone in my class decided to turn into a short film – and then very graciously give me story credits on. I haven’t seen the final product, and can’t be sure if it’s something I’m proud of yet or not! In the original short for the class – I believe I played “beauty shop customer number three”.

1st: How did you first get into acting?

Benjamin: I’ve always been a ham, it’s my life. I guess besides making videos with friends in High School isn’t a viable answer – then my Junior year production of “How The West Was Warped” (a way off broadway, royalty free musical, originating in Australia, I believe?) where I got to play “Cowboy”, and was a last minute replacement for the gang leader “Rodrigo”. I got a solo and everything!

1st: What would be your ideal acting part?

Benjamin: I’d love to act in space. Fly me up there, let me do my thing. I love being on location – so if the International Space Station truly isn’t an option, I’m happy to go anywhere that gets me out of my normal, everyday environment – preferably the middle of a jungle, or somewhere with a lot of wildlife.

1st: How do you improve your acting skills?

Benjamin: Be aware of what I do well, and what I need to improve on. I think being honest with yourself, and recognizing flaws in your work is very important. I should really take a class, I’ve been told this many times.

1st: Do you think “Spaghettiman” would make a good comic book?

Benjamin: Oh hell yeah! He’s a living cartoon – and I can’t think of a better medium for him to continue his legacy. Addressing some of the real challenges that “heroes” in our modern world would encounter is a very deep well of untapped potential. Plus, there are so many soups he has yet to eat!

1st: How do you feel about beards and yours in particular?

Benjamin: They’re fine. I grew mine as a personal challenge to not shave for an entire year – with full intention of shaving it after 365 days have elapsed. That was over five years ago. It’s certainly not the choice I would recommend to aspiring actors out there – but I’m fine with it. It feels like the trend has died out, and I’ll stop getting high fives on the street now.

1st: How do you spend your free time?

Benjamin: Eating and sleeping. I’m like a hibernating bear. Other than that – I like road trips and getting outside, listening to loud music in dirty basements, enjoying a few too many libations – regular stuff like that.

1st: Is there anything you want to say to all the people who enjoy your acting?

Benjamin: Please tell my mom how good you think I am.

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