Let Her Be Evil

Making the move from traditional publishing into comics, Editor Cassandra Jones launches her anthology with the help of dozens of comics creators.

OCT. 10, 2023, (LOS ANGELES, CA) — If you’re looking for sympathetic anti-heroines or villainesses with tragic backstories, you won’t find them here. Let Her Be Evil is a celebration of unapologetically wicked women with cruel intentions—of the nasty, the vile, the rage-fueled monstresses who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to get it by any means necessary.

The crowdfunding campaign for this 128-page softcover anthology launches today on Zoop, and is spearheaded by comics newcomer, Cassandra Jones. Jones comes from the world of traditional publishing as an editor, and has assembled an impressive roster of creators for her debut comics work. Let Her Be Evil features seventeen original stories, including new work by Heather Antos, Brent Fisher, Rio Burton, Kamila Krol, Moe McGonagle, as well as dozens of other writers, artists, colorists, and letterers.

The goal of this anthology is to provide the same narrative space that villainess’ male counterparts enjoy in movies, books, and comics without being explained away by child loss or sexual assault, and to free them of the preconceived notion that they should be morally punished for their deeds while we allow male villains to be evil without comment. Rewards include the book, art prints, stickers, and much more, with early bird specials enticing bakers to pledge on day one.

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