Fargo: Hell On Wheels

Legendary comic book creator Howard Chaykin launches his first ever crowdfunding campaign, in his own inimitable style.

OCT. 10, 2023, (LOS ANGELES, CA)
— If you’re a fan of comics, you know the name Howard Chaykin. The legendary creator of American Flagg!. The man who first brought Star Wars to comics. He has worked for every publisher in the comic book business, on every major character. He’s best known for his creator owned work over the years.

Howard Chaykin now takes destiny into his hands with his first ever crowdfunding campaign for John Benteen’s FARGO: Hell On Wheels, launching today on Zoop.

The campaign is for a 96+ page prestige format hardcover graphic novel adaptation of one of Chaykin’s favorite characters from the highwater era of paperback adventure heroes of the sixties and seventies. Chaykin writes and draws the entire book, along with the extraordinary colorist Yen Nitro and of course his longtime letterer/designer, Ken Bruzenak.

Neal Fargo has been perfectly described as ” Conan meets The Wild Bunch.”  In HELL ON WHEELS, Fargo is hired to protect a small railroad under relentless attack from a corrupt and ruthless competitor with money to burn, and hired guns to do the burning.

Fargo is a man ready for any challenge, and for this hardboiled soldier of fortune, payback is fair game. Packed with fist fighting brawls, gunplay, women and whiskey from running start to stunning finish, ‘HELL ON WHEELS is the perfect example of why Fargo is a timeless character in the timeless world of adventure fiction, and perfect for the modern graphic novel.

Praise for Howard Chaykin, and Fargo:

“A small few understand the science behind the craft of making funny books as Howard Chaykin does. Even fewer have articulated that understanding as effectively (or with as much flair) — in word as well as in practice. Genius.”

– Lee Weeks

“We’ve been fortunate throughout the history of comics that every now and then visionaries appear to show us something we haven’t seen before and may not have known was even possible. Howard Chaykin is one of those visionaries – a bottomless well of talent and a constant source of inspiration.”

– Steve Epting

Supporters of the campaign are in for massive treats, as there are art contributions to the book by a murderer’s row of artists, including Gary Frank, Butch Guice, Eduardo Risso, Denys Cowan, Mahmud Asrar, and more with a cover by Dave Johnson.  They also have the chance to be drawn into the comic and have their likeness be mercilessly slaughtered on page, in the way only Howard Chaykin can deliver a massacre!

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