Lenovations Press Announces an Exciting Collaboration with Antarctic Press: Tomorrow Girl

 from Antarctic Press crosses over with Section 12 in a three issue Mini-Series

June 11, 2024 – Lenovations Press, a long-standing indie comic publisher, is thrilled to unveil their first ever mini-series that brings together two comic book universes. This groundbreaking collaboration willsee Tomorrow Girl, a fan-favorite character from Antarctic Press, teaming up with Lenovations’ very own super-team, Section 12.

“Section 12 (Antarctic Special):” this three-issue story titled “Search for Tomorrow” marks a significant milestone for Lenovations Press as they venture into uncharted territory. Fans can expect an exhilarating narrative that uniquely blends the distinct worlds of Tomorrow Girl and Section 12.

Lenovations Press publisher Len Mihalovich, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are grateful to Ben Dunn and Antarctic Press for letting us use Tomorrow Girl for this story. She was an exciting character to work with and unlike anything we already have in our Section 12 universe. This cross-over opens up a world of possibilities. We’re excited to explore the dynamics between Tomorrow Girl and our own Section 12 characters and deliver an unforgettable story that will resonate with fans of both universes.”

Section 12, follows a top-secret government project employing super-powered individuals to contain scientific failures. This comic has captured the imagination of readers for many years. With Tomorrow Girl flying through our pages, readers can anticipate a thrilling adventure packed with action, intrigue, and some unexpected revelations.

“We have never done a mini-series before. I felt this cross-over was important enough to break with our regular publishing schedule to get this story out there as quickly as we could. We put some of our best people on this story and are VERY happy with the results” remarked Len Mihalovich, Publisher at Lenovations Press. “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of indie comics’ storytelling and delivering unparalleled and unusual entertainment to our readers.”

“Section 12 (Antarctic Special): Search for Tomorrow” is set to debut on 6/11/2024.

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