2012 marks the 40th anniversary of Gary Carlson as an independent publisher.

Megaton Comics was one of the first and most celebrated indy imprints of the eighties, and one that gave birth to characters like Megaton, Vanguard, Berzerker, Ethrian, and Ramm.

Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Butch Guice, Angel Medina, Frank Fosco, Dan Reed and Gordon Purcell were some of the artists that started their careers in Megaton, one reason why Carlson was later called by Liefeld -whose Youngblood was slated and announced to be a part of Megaton- THE GRANDFATHER OF IMAGE COMICS.

After Megaton folded, Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker were one of the first to “combat” the new grim and gritty trend of comics in the nineties using Ultiman, Ultragirl, Knight Watchman & Kid Galahad, Thunder Girl and the purchased Dr. Weird as cornerstones of a new, retro, superhero universe: BIG BANG COMICS was born, first published by Caliber, then by Image Comics.

The catch was that the pastiche heroes (DC and later on, Marvel ones too) starred in adventures written and drawn as they were back in the Golden and Silver age, with artists emulating the original art styles of their creators, or even being done by those creators themselves!

During its thirty years of story -forty if you count Ultiman/Megaton- Bing Bang Comics has published the works of legendary creators like Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Shelly Moldoff, Marty Nodell, Rick Buckler, Dave Cockrum, Sal Buscema, Ron Frenz, Alex Ross, Mike W. Barr, Chris Samne, Stephen Bissete, Jim Valentino among many others.

BIG BANG COMICS lasted forty-plus issues at Image, then was self published as BIG BANG COMICS PRESENTS for half a dozen. AC Comics put three BIG BANG COMICS UNIVERSE issues out and BB is now currently back as BIG BANG ADVENTURES at INDYPLANET. COM, both as digital and print-on-demand.

The Knights of Justice of Earth-B were introduced in issue # 6 of the Image Comics series (#3 of  the original Caliber mini) crossover with the Round Table of America of Earth-A. The KOJ are the Golden Age versions of The Big Bang Comics heroes and have starred in a couple more comics, including their origin and the BIG BANG COMICS SUMMER SPECIAL.

Now they return in a full-length adventure that pits them against The Alliance of Evil, a supervillain group that brings all their major nemeses together.

Written by Pedro Angosto (Round Table of America: Personality Crisis), with art by Pablo Alcalde and color by Simon Loko, plus a huge pin-up gallery and an alternate cover by JORGE SANTAMARÍA (Avengers: Celestial Quest).

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