NEW YORK (DECEMBER 3, 2020) – Kids Comic Con (KCC) the annual children’s arts outreach event is proud to be among the winners of the Young Men’s Initiative / Neighborhood Opportunity Networks (NeON), Community Crisis Response Initiative 2 grant for 2020!

This grant will allow us to do even more to reach and support youth on the margin and to empower more young people through the benefits of the creative arts.

Enter 2021 Kids Comic-Con will be working in partnership with YMI and NeON, to fulfill the mission we’ve stood by for over 14 years.

“This is a great opportunity to inspire the love of learning and creativity,” said KCC creator and founder Alex Simmons, writer for Archie, Scooby-Doo, and Tarzan, among others comics, novels, and plays. “Our not-for-profit initiative was designed to engage children’s imagination and creativity through the medium of comic books, drawing, puppetry, storytelling, and other creative arts-in-educational models.  We wanted to let young people know that people care about them and believe in their ability to do positive things, not only in their communities but also in the world. Inherent in this is the educational aspect of literacy – helping kids both read, write, and imagine their future possibilities.”

We’re deeply thankful to every one of our artists, volunteers, educators, and supporters who have helped make this possible.



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