Comic Book Cats, number 137: All Top Comics #1

Comic Book Cats, number 137: All Top Comics #1, drawn by Len Short, published by Fox Features Syndicate in September 1944.
Clocking in at a massive 128 pages, and boldly proclaiming on the cover to contain “35 Complete Picture Stories,” the one-shot All Top Comics featured a variety of characters and genres. Among these was Pussy Katnip, a “funny animal” cat who starred in two three-page stories in this issue. As per the Public Domain Super Heroes database:
“In a world of humanoid animals, Pussy Katnip was a hat-check girl and sometime torch singer at the Kit Kat Night Club.
“However, when she “smells trouble” or danger, Pussy found some privacy and took a swig, either from the hip flask she often carried or from a bottle hidden in her apartment or at the club, of a substance she had invented which she called “Fizz” or “Katnip Fizz.” For a short time, it boosted both her natural agility and strength to super levels, while at the same time raising her “trouble sense” to full-blown clairvoyance, letting her tell when “mugs” much bigger than her were about to take a swing at her, as well as other psychic abilities.”
Here is one of those two Pussy Katnip stories, an untitled mini-adventure that sees Pussy encounter a literal firebug. I love how in the last panel Pussy is singing “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire.” ????
I haven’t been able to locate any information about artist Len Short, other than the fact that he drew a number of Pussy Katnip Stories for Fox Features Syndicate in the mid-1940s. He certainly had a fun, offbeat style that suited the material.
Once again, the complete contents of All Top Comics #1 are available to read on the Comic Book Plus archive:

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