NEW YORK (MARCH 26, 2019) – We’re rapidly moving towards Kids Comic Con (KCC) the annual children’s outreach event. It’s slated for Saturday, April 20th at the Bronx Community College from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our theme is, TEAM Titans! And the team is growing large and strong.

• In just the past few weeks many wonderful names and extras have been added to our role call. For example:

• Gregory Andersen-Elyse
• Robert Garratt (Award winning comic creator/publisher)
• Monique Henry-Hudson (SimplyRobotix, “Exploring animation one post at a time”)
• The Broussard Brothers (creators of the Battle___ comics)
• And …
• ThriveCollective, bringing their mural-making-magic to our event, where kids will get to paint the first-ever KCC super-size, superhero mural!

So come join:

• Alex Simmons (KCC founder, playwright, comics writer: Archie, Tarzan, Scooby Doo, Blackjack)
• Jamal Igle (illustrator/creator/writer of MOLLY DANGER, as well as artist for Marvel Comics, DC and more)
• Chris Lucas author of the book top Disney, as well as a performer of the show about Disney, “Of Mouse and Man”)
• Tao Bennett (super talented teen puppeteer for Sesame Street, and more)

And don’t forget about:

• East Coast Avengers: your favorite costumed superhero characters
• The Lair: the Bronx’s premiere comics and gaming store! Coming at you with role-playing card game tournaments featuring Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Magic, the Gathering. The fun-for-all-ages competition is open to various player levels. The Lair will also have plenty of supplies on hand for KCC attendees to stock up on all their gaming needs.

“Kids’ Comic Con has always been about the power of imagination, discovery, and cooperation,” declared KCC founder Alex Simmons. “Now more than ever, kids need to see examples of how they can work together to make a difference, no matter what their backgrounds. And what better way to show this than by celebrating one of the most collaborative and creative arts of all – comics!”

Exhibitors with questions can send them to KCC founder, Alex Simmons at

The 2019 KIDS COMIC CON is set for April 20th at Bronx Community
College, 181st Street and University Avenue, Bronx, NY from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Up-to- the-moment updates on additional programming and guests for KCC TEAM TITANS can be found on our main site (www.KidsComicCon.con) as well as our Facebook page:

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