Keeping Your Comics Safe In International Travel

As borders open up once again, long-distance travel is back on the menu. That means that the opportunity to take rare comics across the world, or visit conventions and take in classic items, is once again an available. Comics have huge value, of course – as the recent LA Times-featured $3.25m sale of a rare superman comic showed. That needs to be protected, even if the item isn’t worth a lot of money and is instead of sentimental value. Finding ways to transport comics is, fortunately, simple, and there are several ways you can assure yourself of your item’s safety.
Increased capacity
2020 saw a huge boom in the amount of comics being shipped. Statistics compiled by The Polygon demonstrate a huge surge in interest in comic books and graphic novels, including the crowdfunding efforts that kept many independent comic producers alive. This new demand has generated new innovation in the shipping industry as comics start to ramp up in physical sales once again. South-west courier service experts Lone Star Overnight highlight how increased demand has helped shippers to get creative in order to meet the new workflows. The result is a wider range of better quality shipping options – simply put, the market is so competitive that quality has been driven up significantly. An increase in international options has driven up quality even further.
International output
A report by the Hollywood Reporter highlighted the challenges the comic industry faced in 2020, but the surprising benefits too. Interest in the media from across the world has driven up interest from countries outside of North America, and that means more interaction with the sort of insurance policies and international packaging protocols that govern the import and export of comic books. This is good news for comic book collectors – there are more genres and more interest available from far-flung corners of the globe, and there are better ways to receive them. Transporting comic books has never been easier or more secure for this reason, and modern hygiene standards are actually causing a greater level of assurance to be found.
Comic-con returning
With comic-con officially moved to November, there are great hopes that everyone will be happy and healthy enough to visit and enjoy what has typically been a blockbuster event. The comic fandom runs deep in these conventions, and that means legacy and heritage comic products. To the benefit of comic owners, there have been huge shifts in what safe and secure packaging means. Comics are inherently fragile – some of the oldest pieces find themselves behind glass boxes permanently, and plastic wrappers have their own cultural trope over what they hint to as to value. The levels of assurance needed over the cleanliness of these items means that the items themselves are undergoing close scrutiny in a way that can only be beneficial.
Get traveling. Your comics are safe, and processes mean that posting them is getting safer too. As the comic industry once again starts to flourish, comic book shipping will be a safe and assured method to dispense with new and old literature.

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