It Is More Than Just Superhero Stories: How Comics Influence Students

In the past, comics were believed not to have any impact on learning. Today, the belief has been proved wrong by a study that reported that comics are a better learning tool compared to textbooks. One significant teaching tool is their image-based narrative.

Comics, more than nearly any other medium, are perhaps better at combining story and details at the same time, more efficiently and smoothly. The stories help build understanding and students can grab the context fast.

They are easy to learn 

A 40-minute lesson can be too much time for today’s students. It might require a greater sacrifice to concentrate in a class offering five to seven lessons a day. Using comics can be easier to help students learn because they will find it fun to read and study the photos or watch comic videos.

The basics in a comic are easy to understand and students get eager to know what happened next or how the story is building up. This provides an open window for the teacher to introduce his subject and, if need be, add his comics in classroom teaching.

Because of high-level concentration, teachers may find it easy to give the students assignments from comic books where they can build more stories from the already published ones.

Comics inspire creativity

The world today is seeking people who can think out of the box and come up with tangible solutions. When faced with a difficult situation, creative students will not give up but will think of new ways to solve the issue.

Comics are creative and they bring the best ideas and illustrate them in a visual narrative. As students watch comics, they can easily relate to fresh or new ideas and can pinpoint a real-life situation that concurs with the narrative. Comic books also play an important role inspiring students to be creative in any situation.

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Improves reading and vocabulary

The desire to know the plot in the story, the characters, story sequences, and the end compared to the beginning helps students acquire better reading capability. The urge to understand the story and probably narrate it to other students help them build their vocabulary.

Some comics mix languages and may have two or three languages, yet the students never find them boring. This is another advantage that helps them learn a second language even when the school teaches only one language.

Comics help students exercise their brain

Reading or watching comics require concentration both of the eye and brain. The student may wonder at the beginning of the story but a few minutes later, their whole body and mind will be focused on the story.

The concentration will trigger the student’s brain and it will feel refreshed, making the student’s cognitive ability better. Comics will change the way the students’ brain functions and they will think more positively about education and life.

They motivate learning 

Beyond following the storyline of a superhero, students build a desire to buy more comic books and read. If they are watching a comic video, they keep looking for more videos to watch and follow their stories and themes.

If there are academic comic books, they will help the students to keep studying and they can even go one lesson or more ahead of the teachers. Traditionally, the textbook does not provide the best way for students to learn.

The brain processes the information slowly and students forget what they learn fast. Comic books can help keep student’s motivation high and they will not likely get bored during class lessons or in their private study at home.


The dynamics of today’s education are changing fast and the methods of teaching must change with time. Comics can offer a perfect solution to learning because students can relate well with them and understand the story fast. Teachers also can find a better way to introduce their topics through comic books and videos to help students concentrate better. On the other hand, parents can find time to learn together with their children as they watch entertaining comics at home.

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