JUSTA LOTTA LIVESTREAM: Tanya Tate & Ozzie From 02.20.19 – Help Me A Find Pink Wiggles Shirt


On this morning’s Youtube Livestream the topic of conversation was The Wiggles! I want to dress as the Pink Wiggle when I go to The Wiggles concert!

When The Wiggles come to the US later this year, I want to be prepared and have my own Wiggles outfit ready. I got Ozzie a red Wiggles shirt and while I do adore Emma (the Yellow Wiggle) I am more keen to cosplay as the Pink Wiggle… Not familiar with the Pink Wiggle? That’s understandable, she only made an appearance for one song! It was one of my favourite singers Kylie Minogue and she got wiggly for the song Money Man in 2009. So today on my youtube Livestream we talk about getting a Pink Wiggle costume together!

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Tanya Tate

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