Foxy and Wolfy is a magical mix of mahou shoujo, good PG-13 yuri fun, and hell-raising chaos. The story of Foxy and Wolfy features the adventures of two spirit guardians, a Foxy young spirit guardian with muscular dystrophy named Misaki Kimura and her Wolfy partner Amaya Bellerose. In the world of Foxy and Wolfy, spirit guardians are humans who fight genocidal and bloodthirsty demons consumed by hatred. Through the use of spirit keys, the main characters Misaki and Amaya (along with their friends) travel between the human and demon worlds to defend all they hold precious against nefarious demons seeking chaos. Volume 1 follows their origins and growth!

Foxy and Wolfy resonates with a broad audience range. With ever evolving technology, my team and I have thankfully been able to share this wonderful story with many different people. To reach an even larger and more ambitious audience, the next step is to produce physical copies of the Foxy and Wolfy manga. Therefore, we will be launching a brand new Kickstarter campaign on February 14th this year, Valentine’s Day, in hopes of sharing the love for this web manga and transforming it into physical reality with massive updates and full color. There is just something special about physically feeling the pages in your fingers, and we want to bring that magic to Foxy and Wolfy.

As the head creator and writer of Foxy and Wolfy, I myself happen to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, so I pour my heart and soul into this series. I love empowering many, various disabled characters in Foxy and Wolfy.  Readers can connect strongly to the story and characters through the tales of shared hardship, adventure, and discovery of inner strength through living with disability. I even refer to myself often as a “fox on wheels” because the image just fits who I am and what I want to create and contribute to the world.

As for the campaign, my team and I are working towards a goal that will fund the production, distribution, and further promotion of physical copy prints for the manga within and beyond the Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, with sufficient financial support, my team and I will be able to bolster different reward tiers with extra merchandise and provide supporters with a memorable Foxy and Wolfy experience. However big or small your contribution, please help promote Foxy and Wolfy and the February 14th Kickstarter to as many people as possible because there are individuals out there who want and need the unique experiences Foxy and Wolfy provides.

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