JUST JOSHING: Nyobi: Birthright #1

Once upon a time, I was pro-life. Older me has developed quite a bit of nuance, and I realize that for me I can’t judge anyone with any decision they make involving bringing a child into the world. I don’t know the situation, I don’t understand the context and most importantly, I haven’t walked a mile in those shoes. I have no right to judge anyone for that kind of decision. That’s my opinion.

I believe people have the right to do with their bodies what they will without consequence. No government authority or corporate entity has any moral authority. Nor should they ever be allowed to have that kind of power.

Why am I mentioning this? This comic. I got my hands on it, and couldn’t believe how timely it was that I read it. With the Roe vs Wade debacle being a major thing right now, it’s almost like I was meant to read it. So without further ado, here it is.

The Book

Nyobi: Birthright #1

Created and Written by Larry P. Higgins

Illustrated by Samir Simao

Colored by Dan Olvera

Lettered by: Joel Rodriguez

Script Consultant: Matthew Merz

Edited by: Nicole Raymonde

Nyobi: Birthright gets right into the action immediately as Pamela is getting an ultrasound for her baby, and it’s found out through the ultrasound that this baby will be born with wings, much like an angel.

It isn’t long before the ultrasound finds its way to the public eye, and the protests happen around her. Nyobi is sent to safeguard the mom and child.

The majority of this issue deals with the ethics of abortion, and the divides and differences we as human beings tend to recognize and judge. Nyobi is classified as a G-Nom, which is similar to the mutants in a familiar franchise at Marvel. Those issues are immediate and apparent in the first few pages of the comic.

But this issue deals with the abortion issue head-on. Pamela wants an abortion and is getting encouragement/harassment to do this by her mom, while protesters are outside screaming at them.  Meanwhile, the ultrasound finds its way to the church, which has someone with similar wings on their side, who want the baby born for their reason.

While the story is largely a setup for issue two in terms of building to the action, this is a very adult talk about abortion. The fact that the decision can’t be taken away, over the reasons people may feel to end their life. Whether you agree or not, there definitely is some serious thought and insight into the issue. Higgins handles the subject with grace and class, and Nyobi comes across as someone who is there to listen and understand.

All in all the story beats are quite solid, and polished. This story cuts right to the chase right at the beginning and doesn’t let you up.

The art is solid, as Simao and Olvera make a good team. It’s not the flashiest issue in terms of look, but the team does make the scenes interesting, and Nyobi and Ariel truly stand out.

All in all, this is a solid issue one. Definitely worth picking up.


The  Business

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That’ll do it. I’m hoping to have another review or two in a couple of weeks. Until then, stay inspired everyone.

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