Cannibals on Mars – A Sci-Fi Horror One Shot Comic

Cover (A) by Tony Donley.
Variant Cover (B) by Julie Anderson
Variant Cover (C) by Ray-Anthony Height

Melissa Marshall is a brilliant science officer and a secret badass. When things take a turn for the worse on their terraforming base, a small set of outposts where the international community had pledged to work together, she finds herself thrust into a leadership position and facing an unknown enemy with a voracious appetite.

Featuring a diverse team of outcasts and outlaws, fear and paranoia become a major player in an international game with high stakes and high… um, steaks. Are there aliens in their midst? Or is human frailty the most dangerous foe? This sprawling yet intimate tale weaves together elements of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Alien, and traditional pulp fiction into a space horror whodunit that’s sure to get your blood flowing.

Digital $7.00
Print $15.00

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