Just a couple of G’s – Indie Superheroes Geek-Girl and Guano Guy crossover in new Kickstarters

Created and written by Sam Johnson (The Almighties, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman) and illustrated & colored by C Granda & Chunlin Zhao (Arachna, Grimm Fairy Tales, Tom ‘n’ Artie), Geek-Girl is hot, popular college co-ed Ruby Kaye, who landed a pair of super-power-inducing tech glasses from her college’s resident brainiac on a drunken whim.

Since doing so, Ruby – jokily given the moniker ‘Geek-Girl’ by her BFF Summer following her klutzy attempts to demonstrate her newfound powers to their mean girl friends – has grown from shallow ‘It Girl’ into a true super-heroine, and been asked to front a Super-Team…

Created and written by Mark Darden (producer of games Infiltration, Nexus Ops, and Masques), and illustrated & colored by Alexander Enlund & Maja Opacic (Flydog Man, Daughter of Titan, Abducted), The Guano Guy is a shameless self-promoter, out to make a buck by saving people. Darden describes Guano’s mantra as basically, “If no one sees you save the day, did it really happen? Probably, but you won’t make any money off of it.”

Guano is also one of the would-be members of Geek-Girl’s new Super-Team, and he Guest-Stars in Geek-Girl #5 & #6 – the first two issues of Geek-Girl’s New Direction as part of the team.

Johnson fills us in on how this crossover came to be: “In a previous Kickstarter, I had a Reward where backers could get drawn into the plane scene that brings some of Geek-Girl’s team together. Mark thought it’d be fun to have his characters drawn in – and as I know Mark, I decided with him to expand Guano Guy’s appearance from this and make it an integral part of the story.”

Johnson continues, “Guano is one of four would-be heroes – along with The Minger, Tyler and The Whupper – heading out to join Geek-Girl as part of her team… but not all of them are going to make the trip!

“There’re threats and weirdness in store,” Johnson continues, “in the form super-tech-tool-wielding Digger Mensch, some mysterious stalkers, and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman!”

Celebrating the two Double-G’s crossover are new Ltd Variants for Geek Girl #5 & #6 with covers featuring the Guano Guy, which are available as a Collectors Pack – with a Ltd Crossover Print featuring Geek-Girl, Guano and a slew of heroes & heroines – at both the Geek-Girl and Guano Guy Kickstarters, live now!

New and all previous issues and TPBs of the GGs’ respective series are also available at their Kickstarters, and you can get to these by searching ‘Guano Guy’ on Kickstarter and via www.geekgirlcomics.com

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