Jurassic Punx – A Spacewarp Anthology

Jurassic Punx – A Spacewarp Anthology
Co-created by Bruno Stahl and Pat Mills (Creator of 2000AD)
Spacewarp will launch digitally at the end of June 2020 and in print at the end of September.

Jurassic Punx:
Jurassic Punx, co-created with Bruno Stahl and Pat Mills, follows two street fighters versus dinosaurs set in a post-apocalyptic 1970s Liverpool UK. Bruno Stahl is a UK based comic book artist who has self-published his own series The Hans. A well as working with prominent writers such as Pat Mills, Heavy Metal Magazine, Spread (Image Comics) and Futurequake.

Space Warp: “Schlock n Arrghh!!”
Each story in our sci-fi anthology comic is hero-focused, self-contained and interlocking in the Spacewarp Universe. Thanks to the efforts of the sinister Alien Warp Lords, watching Earth from their Sfeer – an eversion planet endlessly turning itself inside out – reality is breaking down and our heroes face a variety of science fiction threats on their respective Earths.

In each case a Space, Time or Dimensional Warp, engineered by the Warp Lords, isresponsible. Led by the Alien robot, Schlock, our heroes are working towards – in later Seasons – sharing their talents and powers to defeat the Warp Lords.
New Website:
The new website for Bruno Stahl was launched at the end of April 2020. Stay up to date with all the latest Jurassic Punx news and watch interviews with Pat and Bruno about Spacewarp.

Bruno’s exciting and extensive portfolio, including concept art and illustrations, can be viewed in the gallery. Prints and comics from Bruno’s previous work are available on the site shop as well.


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