First Impression from the cover—a bit Disney cartoonish.

But—flip to the first page, illustration is fabulous.

And—from the first three pages of interaction with the main characters, I like them.

Page seven had me cracking the fuck up:

The dialog is natural.

So, this is the second title I’ve seen recently from BOOM! I actually like.

Good job.


They just published into US.

Originally by Gestalt Comics

Man, this dude is good.





Music is epic.

Buuuuuut… They open with, “My family are explorers…”

And close with; “My family are explorers. And we explore the deep!”

I see what you did there; but, now you’ve said ‘explorers’ three times and that’s all I can think about—how many times you’ve said ‘explorers’ and not the content.

“My family are explorers… of the deep.”

You’ve already spent the middle telling me how your family’s perception of exploring differs from other people.

Now, you’ve said the same information in close to the same amount of time; without repeating yourself unnecessarily.

So, I’m paneling at Wondercon Anaheim in, like, six (6) days on How to Attract News Coverage for independently published works.

I’ll be completely honest.

I have almost 3,500 digital comics on my laptop.

Every week, there are at least twenty (20) new files—and, I’ve missed a few downloads over the years—it’s nearly impossible to read them all.

I’m sure it’s the same for publishers.

So, what makes me read something—or not?

The title first.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover.”

But—you have to.

Then, I’ll go a few pages in.

If I’m not happy with it, I move on—occasionally, I’ll keep reading until I’ve really had enough.

FURTHER! I have to like it enough to spend my time writing about it.

And—if you’ve read ANY of my articles, you know how much I hate time—plus, I just told you.

You’re taught in school to know your audience.

Speak to them directly.

I read somewhere, something like, “If the audience knew what they wanted, then they would be the artist.”

So, tell me what I like.

And, have patience.

Yeeeeeaaaahhhh… I’m one to talk.


I have none.

But, you never know when someone will read something.

It could be years after first publishing.

I mean—I’m trying to work for IDW—didn’t make the top 15 resumes for interview.



I still email (harass) the Editor-in-Chief—sometimes daily—probably blocked me by now; either way, still a creative outlet for me—and; plan to stop by the booth at con.

The Ed.nCf of MAD Magazine told me during our interview at NYCC 2015, he showed up at the office doorstep almost thirty years ago.

Can’t blame a gal for trying.

Plus—I’m a sociopath; so… I reeeally don’t get it : )

Obviously, I liked The Deep enough to read issue 1.

I liked The Deep enough to write about it.

I liked The Deep enough to research it’s creators.

I liked The Deep enough to read issue 2.

Then! I liked enough to write about that.

But; I’ve been working on this article for a few days—yesterday I cleaned up vomit and excrement from a bathroom floor at one place; and the night before, a guy died on my couch.

Moral of the story—follow your dreams but prepare to clean up other people’s shit—and; don’t do drugs, kids. ’cause drugs are bad. Mmmm’ kay.

…appropriate; me thinks—am adultly reviewing a kid’s comic.

And—I want to talk a little about issue two…

But, I’m really over writing right now—I’ve published 9 articles in the last six (6) months and I think I want to watch the animated series before writing somemore…

And—I really need to post something…





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