So—Jez took her ass to L.A. for comic con. : )

I wrote, like, 200 words last week about it—but, apparently, the draft deleted somehow. Sigh. Whatever.

It’s been almost two weeks and I’ve had nothing but problems with uploading videos and photos.

Constructing these articles takes time; energy; motivation; and dedication.

I took time off of work and cash out of my pocket to go.

But—it’s fucking comic con! Duh! I’m going : )

Came to San Diego for con three months ago and decided to stay—LOFuckingL—I’m awesome.


Greyhound from SD to LA runs ya anywhere from 15 to 25$ in about 2.5 to 3 hours…

Not too shabby.

Worked in the morning at the hostel and left for the bus station around noon.

My duffle bag broke a few months ago—ripped along the handle seem—and, my boyfriend found me another one when I needed to go out of town a few weeks ago; however, that one had two busted wheels and the pull handle was missing.

Worked in a pinch but I just couldn’t go through that hassle again—dragging a 50 pound bag behind you for a mile, half bent over to reach the material handle, as it slaps the back of your heel is no fun—so, I found me self another one : ) Hostel life!


Planned on catching the 3:30PM but made it to the bus station 20 minutes before the 1:45 bus was leaving and managed to hop on.


This dude tried chatting with me a bit but I had been reading a book called Moonfall by Jack Mcdevitt and really wanted to finish it so spent the entire trip turning pages—I liked it a lot.

I had applied for a press badge but after the deadline but a friend had an extra badge so I knew I was good to go—but; when I got there—apparently—they had approved me!


Usually, I spend the first day walking around just looking, interviewing for two days, then walking around the last day wrapping up; but it was only three days, was only there a few hours Friday and couldn’t attend Sunday because of work so I talked to a few people right away.

First guy I spoke with was a fantasy writer, Jeff Kohanek.

He sent me PDFs of book 1 & 2—currently writing 3.

20161028_192308I’ve read about fifty pages of the first—I like it so far.

Concept: At birth, each baby is marked with a rune on the forehead; determining what job it will hold in the future—reminds me of The Giver (book not movie) and Futurama.

An unfortunate few are unmarked—and shunned in society.

The story follows a unmarked as he forgives every thing he’s know to “live a better life.”

This actually was the last pic I took as I left:

20161029_172737Second to last:


…apparently they uploaded in reverse order…

I can work with this.

Home girl attends courses at Cinema Makeup School and loves it.


These peeps made a comic about rats vs. penguins.

Two of them are pro rat…


…pretty sure this was an eight year old girl:20161029_160558

Had set up an interview with Peter Shinkoda A.K.A. Nobu on DareDevil…


Which was cool… I haven’t watched it. The first episode pissed me off—but, then I think I was proven wrong and just haven’t given it another chance.

When I got to the interview, realized he was just there to call attention to the booth—so, I interviewed the COO of Shaka first. : )

Then Peter ; )


<3 Senpi


He had his cell phone behind the book.. LOFuckingL!

…first time I’ve seen a Kakashi with a book, though. <3

Totally my favorite character on Naruto—I cried when he died vs. Pain. Literally.

Wasn’t in the mood to really talk at this point when I just so happened to walk past these guys; but, I stopped long enough to thank for books on tables and snap a shot—RAWR RAWR:


Missed this guy on the first few laps—his booth was a corner at the end of a rather high traffic isle but was encased on three sides with this panel which made me feel like I was in a space capsule—made a comment about being closed off, a friend said, “Well, you remember him…”

He also gave me a poster and signed it—totally, currently hanging on the wall in me room : )20161029_130435

(I’ll put in links later… really just want to get this shit up)

Cool to see this booth… again, wasn’t in the mood to chat but a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words…20161029_125917


Okay… so 451 is Michael Bay’s publishing company.

These two are screen writers—said they were huge comic fans—NVRLND (Sigh about missing letters in the title because someone thought it’d look cool) is a Peter Pan adaptation set among the gang streets of L.A.

Tinkerbell is a snobby premadonna and fairy dust is the lastest drug on the street…


I’d have liked to have been in the room when whom ever came up with that idea so I could tell them it’s stupid as fuck.

Royally disgusted. 20161029_125248

…moving on…

Maybe you recognize the chick on the banner…


If not, watch the Hunger Games again—she actually co wrote Niobe.

And—of course I always bump into the highly individually talented power couple —Ebas…


…and JP Roth.20161029_120327

Ever look at a Zenoscope back drop at a a con booth, you’ll see her face—because he drew it.

…walked by this guy and asked who the fuck are you to have this kind of a line…20161029_115850

People eyed me with piercing glaares like I was trying to cut… LOFuckingL

…still no clue…

Homeboy gave me a copy of No’madd and signed it and I promised to review : )20161029_115423

It’s been two weeks since con—I read the book… feel like the time line is all fucked up… you know how I hate time.

After chatting with this dude about Expiration Date, seriously want to read it…20161029_115024

Took a pic of his booth, then he asked if I wanted to be in it so I did.

Should have attended that “How to pose when cosplaying” panel… sigh…

It’s a big step to even dress up—but, then trying to reflect the character is a leap of confidence I just don’t know I have, yet—not to mention I don’t even know why I’m still wearing it… def has something to do with the bad ass cape.

This photo booth was pretty neat… some guy was standing near the box and I asked if he would snap a shot—works in Hollywood on movies—def not a photographer;cut the logos… sigh… It’s fine…


The photo led to a quick chat and I followed him over to his booth for a interview about the For the Win project : )


20161028_232131 20161028_230142 20161028_195508 20161028_194843 20161028_193905 20161028_193301


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