JEZ'(RE): Oh, How I Wish Demon Slayer Mugen Train Did Not Exist

So—I loved Demon Slayer Season 1 but this $423 million USD world wide grossing movie streaming everywhere people are gushing over, was absolute trash and I’m kind of pissed about it.


There were only three movies I was looking forward to seeing this year and each one was an extreme disappointment—yeah, Cong vs. Godzilla, you’re in there too.

Like—no more money because you blew your entire budget on CGI isn’t an excuse for shitty writing—I’m referring to you, Mortal Kombat.

… train filler?

There really wasn’t anything better?

…like ANYTHING else…

I was under the impression this movie was suppose to further the story.

Unless you count Tanjiro receiving information in the last five-ish minutes for maybe 30 seconds, it did not.

It did, however, kill a pillar off in the most idiotic way.

I mean, the reason they’re on the train to begin with was very serious; yet, find two low level demons—and, they’ like, Oh! We’re done now.

Of course I saw the third demon coming from a mile away—as well as the forth, considering how predictable the entire almost 2 hrs is—I honestly dozed off in the theater at one point, which is sad.

Saga of Tanya the Evil was FAR better and had me at the edge of my seat the entire film two years ago but only grossed about 3.6 million USD.

And—finally—the pillar had the 4th highest ranked demon secured as the sun began to rise, holding with dear life, because he knew he was dying.

Like—DUH—he has fucking demon arms through his middle.

What does Tanjiro do—cut the arms off, letting the demon escape…

…completely wasting a heroic sacrifice.

Sob sob. You’re going to be great one day.. blah blah.

I would like to have heard …maybe just don’t ever let an opportunity to slay a top 10 go like this ever again… I mean—had you killed the 4th, maybe it would have encouraged the slayers while discouraging the demons instead of the other way around—but, that’s just me.

This movie did so well financially, they’ve been dragging season 2 release in attempt to squeeze every drop of blood from that turnip—hich is infuriating in it self.

I’m so over letting these creators get off with bad writing and gimmicky cliches simply because we’re all content starved.

I mean, Thunderbolt fantasy manages to do everything these three blockbusters fail to achieve, with fucking puppets…

Speaking of, I highly recommend Thunderbolt Fantasy—just dropped season 3, plus there are two full length feature films—both of which, expand the narrative.

And—it’s sooooooooo pretty:

I’m done ranting now.

Be well.



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