JEZ'(RE): Life in the Caronavirus 2020 LOCKDOWN

…was supposed to panel at WonderCon in april but that canceled…

Lost me main jobbie in food and beverage service at an event venue in Orlando last week and I realize how much of my identity is wrapped up in my work.

Thought I’d be okay financially driving for lyft but that has all but dried up and not worth exposing myself to the public though I may start instacart next week.

Orange county just issued a mandatory 2 week stay at home order starting in two days so not sure how this will play out.

I bought Borderlands 3 on Steam, thinking I was going to hunker down and ride the wave but, it just crashes–spent 3 whole days preforming various fixes suggested by other users with the same problem (apparently it’s a thing) to no avail.

Steam won’t offer help because it’s not their game or give a refund because, apparently, I racked up 3 hours of game play trying to get it to launch… sigh.

2k is apparently receiving a high amount of help ticket requests; or, customer service jobs have been affected; or, both.

Servers everywhere are down or lagging.



I’m bored.

Sitting here watching Season 3 of Castlevania–isn’t the first time I’ve said Warren Ellis’ dialog needs work.

Entertainment has been anything but satisfying this whole last year with a few exceptions.

i.e. …can’t be any more grateful that Black Clover is still running; Radiant was good; Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front has had some amazing moments; Seven Deadly Sins was okay; and Cells at Work is a fine piece of art.

NBC’s Hunt for the Bone Collector is decent.

Saw this last night:

Best video of the year.

Hempire on android has pretty much saved my life last few days.

…been playing Diablo III…

…beat the story last week.

Ordered two switch controllers 2 weeks ago.

A and right trigger buttons are already busted on one…


Plus, the kids are out of school until further notice.

My poor 10 year old nephew was given a phone for Christmas and I’m not sure what happened but his storage was maxed out with 44gigs of other and  everything on the internet regarding a fix lead to a reset.

Of course the backup failed and he lost everything.

He’s locked out of roblox as he doesn’t remember the password from 2 years ago; I don’t think his phone number was ever verified and we don’t know what email was used.

Over $150 of cards from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes are gone.

All his battleCats…

It’s really not pretty.

So, we’re focusing on mental health right now.

Staying occupied; not dwelling on trauma; and, moving forward.

Things happen.

They aren’t necessarily good or bad.

They just are.

Sometimes, Pinky, we just have to keep doing the same thing we do every night…


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