How Reading Comics Can Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Typically, most parents and teachers view comic books as a source of distracting entertainment for students. A significant fraction of this number sees them as a violent and immoral influence on young minds. However, this is far from the reality that comic books influence in the life of a young student.

In this world of technological advancements, everything around us is continually evolving. Even the most rigid of the social, political, and economic structures we have laid out are continually changing. From electronic voting to employing the use of computerized tests, the landscape that we were once quite familiar with now has numerous adjustments and enhancements to tailor it for the present-day audience. Similarly, our education systems have received a revamping regarding the knowledge passed on to the young ones in society.

Comics, once thought to be mindless entertainment, have found their way into the realms of formal education. This article delves into the surprising benefits that students stand a chance to gain when they take up a habit of reading comic books. In particular, how they can significantly improve their academic writing skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

They Can Enhance Your Creativity

Whether you are a Marvel or DC Comics fan, you can undoubtedly attest to the significant influence the stories portrayed have had on our popular culture. The highest-grossing film of all time has its roots in comic books. This paints a picture of steaming creativity in terms of developing a gripping story for the readers. Characters in comics are often developed over decades, where different writers have each taken time to help them progress. Still, consistency is not lost whenever another person takes the wheel and creates new scenarios for our favorite heroes to deal with.

This attention to detail is not solely done on characters. The entire fictional universe that the personalities call home remains consistent no matter who is telling the story. Sure, perhaps tales of people who leap tall buildings in a single bound can be a bit over the top. Nevertheless, by reading the fantastical sagas portrayed through those brilliantly developed figures, students gain plenty of ideas. This can help them craft highly creative pieces with relatable content. Eventually, this will reflect on the scores they receive on their writing assignments. They may never need to buy essay papers from writing companies.

A Source of Vocabulary You Can Learn

Grammar and vocabulary are two essential components of an excellent write-up. Not all essay tasks are creative, as some of them require us to conduct some research and report on facts that we have found out. Although it may seem disconcerting that comics may not come to the rescue when we are doing a research paper, they are still quite useful. Try as you might, it is challenging to find spelling or grammatical mistakes in a comic book.  Although the target audience is primarily young people, comics can be surprisingly accurate in their use of language.

You may not find a suitable place to use onomatopoeia in a Coursework assignment. However, if you go through comic books intending to learn new words and how you can use them contextually, you are bound to gain a lot from your time reading. Using your favorite character’s catchphrase may be out of the question in an academic essay. Still, there is much more to learn when you flip through comic book pages.

It Can Help You Cultivate A Productive Reading Habit

Of course, comic books are not as dense as a novel. If your hobbies consist of primarily reading, then you may find the content within the pages of comics to be quite shallow. However, there is no denying the captivating power they have over the minds of young ones. Aside from the stylized depiction of events, the short nature of stories and conversations make them a quick and entertaining read. Additionally, comics can serve the following purposes too.

  • They can breakdown complex ideas into picturized and easy to understand concepts.
  • Comics can be used in place of published works that are not easily accessible. So, students can still get the same message without needing to go through a thick piece of literature.
  • Young scholars get to instill a productive reading habit through frequent engagement with comics.

Motivating students towards picking up a book can begin with giving them a comic book to read. They stand much more to gain than just an exciting time.

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