Jeehyung Lee’s GUMAA: The Beginning of Her #1-5

Set in a hellish urban city, GUMAA: The Beginning of Her issues 1, 2, & 3 revealed the story of KHALIDA and her escape from the dangerous world of drugs and prostitution run by the Luciel crime organization.

Transformed by a mystical blade, running from one hell may have thrust her deeper into another…

In issues 4 & 5, KHALIDA takes on the role of Goddess and tightens her control over the city, leading the Luciel Clan in their fight against the demonic MAAGI who terrorize the streets.

As KHALIDA struggles to complete a secret quest, she is forced to battle new enemies:

MANUEL – Her former nemesis, who now serves as an Exorcist of Luciel

BRENNA – A face from the past, hunting in the shadows

KEN – A detective who seeks the truth no matter what the cost

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