It’s the Final Chapter of “Rings for a Demon”

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There are six rings of unfathomable mystic power being sought by the occult criminal organization known as DEMON. At each step of the way, that effort has been opposed by the young heroes known as the REIKI WARRIORS.

This storyline began as a series of short back-up features in various issues of Murciélaga She-Bat, including:
Issue #8: Murciélaga She-Bat
Issue #9: Mister No
Issue #11: Squamus
Issue #12: Soliloquy Jones
Issue #15: Rhesus
Issue #16: Ethereal Black
Issue #17: Sifu
Issue #18: The Reiki Warriors

Now, at last, in Murciélaga She-Bat #19, it’s the ninth and final chapter of “Rings for a Demon,” this time in a book-length 27-page adventure by Eric Dinehart, Duncan Rouleau, and Adrian Kleinbergen, with colorwork by none other than the creator of the Reiki, Daerick Gross Sr.

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