It’s Billi Jayne’s 7th Issue!


The SENSATIONAL G-GIRL returns in a new issue of her own magazine, featuring TWO new comic book adventures by Dennis Mallonee and Gaetano Petrigno.
The first story in this seventh issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL is the long awaited conclusion to Gaetano’s “Jungle G-Girl” adventure, the first part of which appeared waaaay back in Sensational G-Girl #1. Work on this story is complete!
In the second story, Billi Jayne goes out on kind of a “date” with her uncle Donald Hunter (aka the Huntsman) for the express purpose of getting herself some spy training. Some of the work on this story that remains to be done. But Gaetano is on it! And he promises that the final few pages of artwork are on their way.
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