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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 83
The Death Of Doctor Strange # 4
Ice Cream Man # 27
Marvel Action Classics Spider-Man Two-In-One # 4
Timeless # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 83– Patrick Gleason draws and writes this unique tale about Peter’s spider-sense warning him of danger from inside his body, a result of his run-in with The U-Foes which also has him going in and out of some of the most outlandish dreams he’s having; Gleason does an excellent job of weaving in the dream sequences with reality and does it in a way that makes this issue a must-read. And if I can be blunt, I feel like this issue makes up for the snoozefest that was ASM # 82 because, with Gleason as the driving force for this one, this is definitely worth checking out.

Ice Cream Man # 27 – If you’re familiar with the story “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka where an ordinary man wakes up to discover that he’s been turned into an insect, then this issue will surprise you as it takes Kafka’s story and makes it quirky yet bone-chilling; A cockroach becomes a guy named Greg and then assumes his everyday life, but things turn very dark towards the end (**NO SPOILERS**) and that twist alone is the one factor that will surprise the readers but at the same time, will take the abnormal elements presented in this issue and have us wonder if Kafka’s story could be a possibility in real life!

Timeless # 1– Kang The Conquerer teams up with an aging historian named Anatoly Petrov (He’s kind of like the Kiff to Kang’s Zapp Brannigan, or like Bill & Ted for that matter) as the two of them through time and space. Along the way, they will explore the Multiverse then head into a pirate timeline where they confront the Doctor Doom of that world…..only to find out that it’s Reed Richards himself (For the sake of the viewers, I will not spoil what becomes of ReedDoom); Jed MacKay is quickly becoming the new Brian Michael Bendis (Or Bendis 6.0) due to his sharp storytelling not to mention his ability to shape worlds and develop characters that will entice anyone to read his stories. The artwork was provided by Kev Walker, Greg Land, and Mark Bagley to help balance things out, but hands down it’s Bagley’s art that comes off as epic with a cinematic flair to it that makes it sensational. The last page will no doubt have people cheering or have their eyes pop out (**NO SPOILERS**); Thanks to Timeless, it looks like The Marvel Universe is set for another change in status quo, and from the looks of it…things are about to get interesting!

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