ITHACON Is Almost Here

After months of waiting, the clock counts down to the beloved NY convention

ITHACA, N.Y. (April 11, 2024): ITHACON is two weeks away! After months of careful planning and preparation, the ITHACON team is excited to get this show on the road and ready to open the doors to every kind of fan on April 27th and 28th.

There’s still a chance to purchase tickets and join us for ITHACON. This convention is a great space to live out and express your passion for the stories you love and meet others who share those passions with you. ITHACON is a place for each person to find their tribe.

Don’t care for Spiderman? Not to worry! If you prefer Dr.Who, Harry Potter, or Supernatural instead, there will be content you love to see waiting for you in Emerson Suites.

ITHACON is where you can find a wide variety of geeks, nerds, and comic lovers at all levels of commitment. Casual fans come out to experience comic convention culture on a smaller, small-town scale. Not only can folks freely geek out with like-minded fans, but you can also meet and chat with industry professionals to get a glimpse of what it’s like to create the stories, comics, and characters that inspire imaginations for years after their publication.

In addition to ITHACON’s unique program of events, there’s a list of amenities that make the ticket price worth every dollar. ITHACON offers free parking and delicious food options for attendees. ITHACON has partnered with Silo, a local food truck that serves fried chicken and other homemade food. For those who are not fans of fried chicken, Silo also serves tasty vegetarian meals and side dishes for attendees’ convenience. To check out their menu, you can read more at

Bill Turner, co-founder of the convention, said, “ITHACON is a great way to get the fan community together. I reconnect with people that I’ve seen once or twice a year for over 40 years. These relationships that are based on shared interests and have lasted over 40 years are special. We remember the old days when we were mocked for still reading comics as adults. Now Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion and the first Superman comic just sold for $6 million, and everything is different. But we fans still enjoy the same arguments about whether
Quicksilver or the Flash is faster.”

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