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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1054
Amazing Spider-Man # 47
Batman & Robin # 8
Brave & The Bold # 54 (Facsimile Edition)
Hercules # 1
Incredible Hulk # 11
Invincible Iron Man # 17
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return # 3
Sinister Sons # 3
Symbiote Spider-Man 2099 # 2
Thundercats # 3
Transformers # 7
Ultimate X-Men # 2
Uncanny Valley # 1

Action Comics # 1054– The newest arc “House of Brainiac” kicks off with a bang that sets up the biggest storyline that Superman has had in a while. The sudden arrival of Brainiac’s army of Lobos comes off as captivating yet chilling to where you immediately get thrown into the story. Yes, some beats feel very crowded but the emotional stakes within this issue help as a selling point that shows Superman’s loved ones in danger but making sure that Brainiac is the ultimate threat; I was not sold on the opening chapter of this arc being a double-sized issue but this is an arc that ramps up the action and drama to even larger heights while reminding the readers the dangerous factor Superman has to face with Brainiac AND Lobo on the scene.

Hercules #1– Disney’s likable demi-god returns in this new series that chronicles his new adventures while showing him with both Meg & Phil so you know that hilarity will ensue, Things take a weird turn when Aphrodite gives Herc a task to catch a villain and that’s when the story itself comes alive but not before a kidnapping occurs; This series does a great job of revisiting Herc’s world while that never dumbs down the humor but keeps things light so that fans old and new can appreciate the characters and their lively personalities. This is without a doubt, a true spiritual successor to the movie and after getting reintroduced to these timeless characters, it’s going to be a blast to see what happens next.

Ultimate X-Men # 2 – The newest interation of “Ultimate X-Men” continues to thrive in its “girl horror” concept that expands on the recent events from the first issue; Hisako and Mei’s budding friendship gets expanded upon through some terrifying sequences that believe it or not, works very well and i should point out that Peach Momoko’s writing in impressive since she’s putting her own spin on The X-Men and instead of introducing as many characters as she could conjure up, she opts to take her time in fleshing out the protagonist and the world around her to where it may feel like Momoko’s moving at a snails pace, but eventually will pay off throughout the series; While it’s true that the story tends to get dark at times, there is plenty of brightness and warmth to behold in the Hisako/Mei friendship that is only look at as a positive factor while switching back to the familiar troupes of shadows and darkness which firmly shows why this series continues to be extremely innovative and at the same time, looked at as something Marvel has never been put out before.

Uncanny Valley # 1– This is a premise that will catch anyone’s interest but may have anyone shake their heads in disbelief over the silly aspects displayed in this series; We’re introduced to a young man named Oliver who is attending a new school while trying to adjust living with his single mom, but when Oliver constantly finds himself getting into trouble, it isn’t long before he finds out he’s somehow tied to a cartoon world (Not making this up) and his grandfather comes on the scene as a Yosemite Sam lookalike who rescues Oliver and his mother from a group of crows; This may seem weird but it looks as if Tony Fleecs (of “Stray Dogs” fame) took the concept of both “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” (90s babies will remember that show) and “Last Action Hero” then added in elements from any Tex Avery or Chuck Jones cartoon to make this series feel outlandish but at the heart of it, it’s simply a story of a young boy coming to grips with such surrealism. This series is a welcoming edition of the world of independent titles that shines in its debut and is worth checking out for anyone who enjoys a good amount of weirdness in their comics.

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