Introducing Flatline Comics

FLATLINE COMICS is the newest comics imprint from Inverse Press! Flatline is the home for our comics edged with horror, violent action, mature themes, and adult humor. We quietly launched Flatline Comics with the April release of the collected edition of Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen, and it continues TODAY with the launch of Space Pussycat!

The Apocalypse has come to the town of Promise, perhaps the last town in all creation. One by one, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse visit devastation on good Promise, challenged only by a small cadre of townsfolk – an arrogant tycoon, a socialite mayor, a hardened sheriff, and a grizzled hired gun. They are the only obstacles to the destruction of everything that keeps their town alive!

Space Pussycat is an 80-page, 4-issue sci-fi-based, raucously funny series from writer Erica J. Heflin (Flesh of White, The Black Hand, Antithesis, Wonderland, Dark Shaman), art by Sean Hill (Dark Shaman), and colors by Omi Remalante, Jr. Never before available in print, Flatline Comics is bringing Space Pussycat to Kickstarter on May 30, 2021, complete with all four single issues, a parallel foil/Spot UV cover series, and a Collector Box to hold the entire set!

Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen writer Kevin LaPorte and artist Rando Dixon bring The Absentee horror sci-fi series to Flatline! It’s a story of interdimensional angels and demons run amok amongst an elite selection of human pilots, scientists, and tech moguls. When a profiteering attempt to harvest energy from adjacent dimensions opens the door to a body-thieving fiend called Thrice, the pilot – one Coy Blackler – becomes the vehicle for the sinister creature, who uses Coy’s form and identity to seduce his wife, sabotage his career, and twist the interdimensional harvesting technology to the purpose of opening the gates between Earth and his hellish home for good.

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