Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musicians and performers of all time. He changed the face of popular music with his signature style and electrifying live performances. His impact on pop culture is still felt today, even nearly a decade after his death in 2009. But there are some lesser-known facts about the King of Pop that many people don’t know about – here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about Michael Jackson!

1. There is an MJ musical in NYC

The legendary Michael Jackson is honored in many ways around the world, but few tributes are as ambitious as a Broadway musical dedicated to his life and music. In 2020, “MJ – The Musical” opened on Broadway in New York City. Directed by visionary choreographer and director Christopher Wheeldon and featuring some of MJ’s classic hits, this production tells the story of the King of Pop from childhood to adulthood. With incredible sets, stunning costumes, and powerful performances, it pays homage to Michael Jackson’s indomitable spirit in an unforgettable way. You can find MJ musical tickets online and experience this unique tribute to the King of Pop. It is sure to be an unforgettable show.

2. His iconic leaning move is thanks to a special patented shoe

Michael Jackson’s signature “lean” move was one of the most iconic dance moves in pop music history. But what many people don’t know is that his lean was made possible by a special shoe he wore while performing. It was called the “Leaning Shoe”, and it was patented in 1986. The shoe had been created for Michael by an Italian shoemaker named Vito Artioli. He designed a flat-bottomed, two-inch platform shoe with a black patent leather upper. This allowed MJ to perform his famous lean without any visible support or strain on his body, creating an incredible visual effect!

3. He was a regular at a club named Studio 54

Michael Jackson was a regular at Studio 54, the infamous nightclub in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. Owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager opened the club in 1977, and it quickly became one of the most popular spots for celebrities and trendsetters alike. MJ could often be found there with his brothers or other music industry friends, dancing the night away until closing time. Although he kept a low profile while attending, Michael still made headlines as one of Studio 54’s most recognizable faces!

4. The music video for Scream cost around $7 million to make

Michael Jackson was no stranger to making expensive music videos. But the most expensive one of them all was for his 1995 duet with sister Janet, “Scream”. The video cost a whopping $7 million to make, and took an entire month to film! And that’s not even counting the money spent on special effects, pyrotechnics, and other production costs. The video featured some of Michael and Janet’s most daring choreography and costume design yet – an investment that paid off when it became one of the most legendary music videos in pop history!

5. The Jackson 5 were incredibly popular during a time when most musical acts were solo

The Jackson 5, with Michael as lead singer, was one of the most successful musical groups of all time. They achieved incredible success during a time when most popular music was dominated by solo artists. The group’s first four singles – “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There” – all topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart! This unprecedented feat made them the first group to achieve such a major accomplishment and put Michael Jackson on the path to superstardom.

6. Michael Jackson was known to be especially fond of Mexican food

Michael Jackson loved Mexican food. He often ate it when he was on tour and is said to have had a particular fondness for enchiladas. Rumor has it that the King of Pop even learned to make his burritos during one of his travels! But his favorite dish was tacos – a fact that many MJ fans will remember from the lyric “Tacos for two” in his hit song, “Beat It”. The King of Pop sure had an eclectic taste when it came to cuisine! It’s no wonder why he was so fond of Mexican food.

As we saw, Michael Jackson’s life and career were filled with many fascinating stories, from the ingenious shoes he used to perform his signature move to his love of Mexican food. His legacy lives on through his music, performances, and innovations – a testament to being one of the greatest entertainers in history.

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