INDYCOMIC SPOTLIGHT: Rob Hanes Adventures #22

This is the first installment of Indycomic Spotlight! Let’s start with Randy Reynaldo’s latest issue of Rob Hanes Adventures.

Rob Hanes Adventures #22
In the closing days of World War II, U.S. soldiers come across retreating Nazis seeking to hide a trove of gold reserves. In the present day, Rob picks up the trail of an extremist paramilitary group that is trying to find the still-missing gold.
By Randy Reynaldo
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24
$3.99 print
$2.99 digital

Rob Hanes is a globetrotting troubleshooter for Justice International, a security, intelligence, and private investigation firm, who travels the world on assignment, facing adventure, intrigue, and romance at every turn! Every issue is complete and self-contained.

In 2018, series creator Randy Reynaldo received San Diego Comic-Con’s prestigious Inkpot Award for Contributions to Comic Art.

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