Mixtape #1
Labor Day Weekend, 1990 and the place to be is Noel Dunlop’s bitchin’ back-to-school party. For Noel’s best pal and classmate Jim Abbott, this final of High School represents his last chance to get back together with old flame Siobhan King before leaving town. Jim has a plan but finds a complication in cute junior Adrienne Post, who makes a big impression on him and forces him to choose between the long shot and the sure thing.
In this Generation X coming-of-age series, a group of teens come of age against the backdrop of the alternative rock scene of the early 1990s Mixtape is a slice-of-life that tells the story of a tightly-knit group of friends navigating their remaining months of high school, anxious to escape their small town, yet still very much children afraid of what leaving home actually means. Mixtape has been called “so clearly packed with love for its subject it’s impossible not to be charmed.” (Comic Book Resources), “nostalgic perspective of the older and wiser, tied together with a strong hook of well-remembered bands providing the soundtrack to life” (Comics Worth Reading), and “perfect elixir of nostalgia, teen angst, and great jams” (Crave).
By Brad Abraham, Jok, Gervasio
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24
Print $3.99
Digital 99¢

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