BILLY DOGMA: A psycho-sexual Dean Haspiel deep cut! Now on Kickstarter!

Earlier this year Emmy and Ringo award-winning comic book artist, writer, and playwright Dean Haspiel launched a successful crowdfund campaign for the first issue of COVID COP. On July 11th, he launched a Kickstarter for BILLY DOGMA, the second installment in his “deep cuts” library.


Where COVID COP is a hardboiled love story hiding inside a pandemic-spawned dystopian horror, BILLY DOGMA is a psychedelic romance gone galactic between a dumb-luck bruiser and his knock-em-dead dame.


Billy Dogma has enjoyed a sordid publishing history. In 1995 it started out in a Lower East Side NYC newspaper, to having his own series and one-shots, to being part of a couple of two-man anthologies, a webcomic series and collections. Recently, Billy Dogma was a regular feature in the Image Comics 30th Anniversary anthology celebration.


Dean Haspiel shares his thoughts on his return to the world of Billy Dogma and Jane Legit:


“As much as I’ve been honored to get the chance to write and draw Marvel, DC and Archie comics characters like Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-men, Deadpool, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, The Fox, and many others, nothing beats producing creator-owned comix. So, whenever I’m between paying jobs, I like to dive back into one of my own characters and explore their next adventure.”


In “I Will Break You But I Won’’t Kill You Because I Need You,” the insanity of Billy Dogma and Jane Legit’s love affair comes to a crossroads when Billy realizes they must find a better way to love or Trip City will burn under the fever of their romantic touch. And with psycho-sexual vignettes like “Bring Me The Heart of Billy Dogma,” “Sunflower Kisses,” “The Last Romantic Antihero,” “Wet Dreams,” and “Sex Planet,” plus a brand new story, this oversized comic book offers 48 pages of erotic comix noir.


The Kickstarter campaign runs until August 11th. Dean Haspiel will be at San Diego Comicon to promote it. Please show your support, and help spread the word. Thanks!



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