Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio’s new run of DEADPOOL begins in April. Check out all the covers now!


New York, NY— February 16, 2024 — Just in time for his highly anticipated return to the big screen this year, Marvel’s most iconic mercenary will headline a brand-new solo ongoing comic book series this April!

DEADPOOL #1 will be written by Cody Ziglar, known for his acclaimed work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and drawn by Rogê Antônio, the artist behind some of Venom and Carnage’s bloodiest recent adventures. Together, they’ll take readers and Wade guns blazing into a new age packed with Deadpool’s specific brand of violence and lunacy, along with a heavy dose of deadly family drama. As he confronts a brand-new archenemy named Death Grip—who may very well live up to his name—Wade will also reunite with his daughter Ellie. It’s the father/daughter duo the Marvel Universe isn’t ready for… and if Death Grip has his way, it’ll only lead to heartbreak!

Right now, fans can see the full arsenal of DEADPOOL #1’s variant covers including explosive new pieces by superstar artists like Ryan Stegman, Javier Garrón, Jan Bazaldua, and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld!

“Wade’s been one of my favorite characters since I first got into super hero comics, so being asked to helm a Deadpool series was a dream come true,” Ziglar said. “I look forward to diving into and exploring Wade’s family (found or otherwise), his unique approach to being a (mostly) unkillable mercenary, as well see what kinda of whackos they bring into his orbit.”

Check out all the covers now and preorder DEADPOOL #1 at your local comic shop today!

DEADPOOL #1 – 75960620897500111

Written by CODY ZIGLAR


Foil Variant Cover by INHYUK LEE – 75960620897500121
Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD –75960620897500181

Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN –75960620897500117

Variant Cover by MIGUEL MERCADO –75960620897500151

Virgin Variant Cover by MIGUEL MERCADO –75960620897500116

Vampire Variant Cover by JAVIER GARRÒN –75960620897500131

Saturday Morning Connecting Cover by SEAN GALLOWAY – 75960620897500161

Stormbreakers Variant Cover by JAN BAZALDUA – 75960620897500171

Micronauts Variant Cover by PETE WOODS – 75960620897500191

Blank Variant Cover – 75960620897500141

On Sale 4/3

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