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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1043
Amazing Spider-Man # 2
Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines # 5
Avengers # 56
Batman Beyond The White Knight # 3
Detective Comics # 1060
Devil’s Reign Omega # 1
Hulk # 7
Ice Cream Man # 30
Moon Knight # 11
Saga # 59
Savage Spider-Man # 3
Teen Titans Academy # 15

Amazing Spider-Man # 2– First off, don’t let the cover fool you because Mary Jane Watson’s appearance in this issue is likened to a ghost (She isn’t even mentioned except for the first page which gives the reads a recap of the last issue) so for better or worst, this issue focuses mainly on Tombstone which isn’t a terrible thing because Zeb Wells has fleshed him out to the point where he truly is a Spider-Man villain that will terrify anyone; I also enjoyed the weird but friendly vibes coming from the Peter/Norman Osborn interaction and if someone told me that these two would be chummy with each other I would say that’s just INSANE. Still, it happened and for some reason, it works very well and I say that because we’ve seen these two square off so many times this is an exciting change of pace. I’m still not completely sold on John Romita Jr.’s artwork as it looks like he’s battling the dreaded deadline but I’m hoping it gets better. ASM is still a fun read due to Zeb Wells’ writing and for now, that’s all we got until something changes in the art department.

Hulk # 7– The third part of “Banner Of War” is even more hectic than the previous installments as we’re once again witnessing the most brutal yet disastrous Hulk/Thor battle of all time; This installment, however, brings Iron Man into the conflict as I felt like that element was more hurtful than anything since the focus is solely on Hulk and Thor, but I feel like Donny Cates has a plan for that so let’s see where it goes. The ending (**NO SPOILERS**) is completely predictable but “Banner Of War” is still a massive crossover full of action and pandemonium that will leave you reeling after you finish reading the chapters.

Ice Cream Man # 30– Diving into the weird and unconventional, this series takes a look at two guys who agree to undergo a two-week trial where they will test a new medication called “Neuramaze” (The goal of this medication is to assess the therapeutic benefits of the low-level hallucinogens in healthy adults) and what I found interesting is how one of the test subjects got a placebo pill where the other guy got the real medication which quickly caused him to start having illusions and warping his mind. W. Maxwell Prince is without a doubt, the modern-day Rod Serling as he takes some of the most mundane parts of everyday life and uses that to weave a tale that will push the boundaries of anyone’s sanity and I feel that’s a true testament of what a fantastic storyteller he is, and Martin Morazzo’s artwork delivers enough spine-tingling moments that will leave the readers with goosebumps. Ice Cream Man once again raises the bar when it comes to focusing on the abnormal factors but it always reminds the readers of what they’re getting into when they open up an issue.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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