Cully Hamner, Shaenon Garrity, Marguerite Sauvage and Jesse Lonergan Bring New Life to Four of Mad Cave Studios’ Legacy Titles

MAY 25, 2022, (SEATTLE, WA) — Announcing Mad Cave Studios Legacy Collection featuring four of their flagship titles: Battlecats, Nottingham, Stargazer, and Becstar! Creators Jesse Lonergan (Hedra, Paradise Planet), Cully Hamner (DC Bombshells, Archie), Marguerite Sauvage (Spiderman, Wonder Woman) and Shaenon Garrity (The Dire Days of Willoweep Manor), have created all new covers for these low-cost special single issues, outside of their own individual arcs, that tell a greater story about the start of everything for Mad Cave.

Taking risks to truly make a mark in the industry, Mad Cave Studios marks these four books as different milestones. Battlecats by Mark London was the inaugural comic that was a medieval fantasy comic. Stargazer, the sci-fi adventure written by talent search winner, Anthony Cleveland, gained critical acclaim. Nottingham, also by two talent search winners David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk, was an unexpected and bonafide hit and continues to sell excellently deep into its run. Then came Becstar, the title that gave Mad Cave Studios the confidence to think outside of the box.

“There’s nothing like discovering your next new favorite series.” Mark Irwin, VP of Business Development says, “With MCS Legacy, we’re presenting to new readers a chance to discover and descend into Mad Cave’s madness with #1s from our different flagship series, while also giving our day one Mad Cave fans something special to add to their collection.”


(W) Mark London (A) Michael Camelo (C) Tekino (L) Miguel Angel Zapata
Cover Artist: Jesse Lonergan

Follow Kelthan, Vaela, Zorien, Kaleera, and Mekkar as they undertake a perilous quest through different regions in pursuit of The Dire Beast while unearthing dark secrets, and even darker enemies. But first, Kelthan and the Battlecats must journey through the Dark Forest facing an unexpected enemy from their past.


(W) Davin Hazan (A) Shane Connery Volk (C) Luca Romano (L) Joamette Gil
Cover Artist: Cully Hamner

In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation makes him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to say nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking amongst the trees of Sherwood, led by, an enigma known only as “Hood.” Mad Cave Studios presents: Nottingham, but not as you remember it…


(W) Anthony Cleveland (A) Antonio Fuso (C) Stefano Simeone (L) Justin Birch
Cover Artist: Cully Hamner
Cover Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

Years ago Shae, her brother Kenny, and two childhood friends experienced a traumatic, unexplainable event that left Kenny scarred for life. Twenty years later Kenny has committed himself to the belief that what they experienced was an alien abduction, and the group has since drifted apart. However, the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Kenny leads the group to reunite and discover the truth of what took place all those years ago.


(W) Joe Corallo (A) Lorenzo Colangeli (C) Sweeny Boo (L) Joamette Gil
Cover Artist: Shaenon Garrity

Becstar is a star hopping mercenary light years away from earth. Leaving her old life behind with the help of her magical luck dagger and her biggest fan/only friend, Sally Soolin, Becstar ekes out a living under the nefarious Shadow Syndicate’s radar. But when a mysterious girl appears with grim news and an urgent quest where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, Becstar has no choice but to join… and regret it immediately.

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