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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 2
DUO # 1
Fantastic Four # 43
The Flash # 782
Savage Avengers # 1
Shadow Zone War # 1
Spider-Punk # 2
Venom: Lethal Protector # 2

DUO # 1– This new series welcomes Milestone readers to Earth -M, a world full of original characters that exist beyond Dakota. For this inaugural issue, we’re introduced to Doctor Kelly Vu and her husband Dr. David Kim, who are using their regenerative nanobots to help save mankind but after a horrible attack, their nanobots saved their lives……but with a twist: both David and Kelly are sharing the same body; What I liked about this series is how it incorporates Sci-Fi elements for a great effect and the premise never gets tiresome, mainly because of Greg Pak’s strong storytelling and his name and reputation alone is a perfect reason to check out this title. Pak does a terrific job of bringing David and Kelly to life where you’re totally invested in their story and how they can cope with having to share a body where I feel that Pak will explore and have fun doing so. Khoi Pham is a sensational artist and “DUO” is living proof that he should be offered more work because his art has a real cinematic feel to it that is just flawless. DUO is everything you want in a Sci-Fi/Superhero story -It’s energetic, compelling, and at the heart of it, a love story between a husband and his wife navigating their new existence that will no doubt bring in new readers to the world of Earth-M.

The Flash # 782– Yes, I know that “Dark Crisis” is coming soon and it’s no secret that when DC has an event with the word “Crisis” in it, it’s never safe for any hero, especially The Flash.
For this issue, it seems like Jeremy Adams is juggling a lot of plot threads that he’s hoping to come back to once Dark Crisis has run its course and I should point out that this issue does bring some fun to it in the case of Wally’s partnership with Kid Flash that really is a spontaneous factor that helps in elevating this series since so many fans are down on Adams’ direction for this title. From Wally and Kid Flash debuting their new stealth suits to break into Iron Heights to Linda Park-West suddenly developing superpowers of her own, it looks like Adams has his work cut out for him but I’m hoping all these plot threads will be handled with care and enough excitement to bring some of the hardcore readers back because, with Wally’s return as The Flash, I think it’s about time to hit the “Reset” button on Wally’s adventures and make this a title that everyone should care about.

Savage Avengers # 1– Looks like Marvel is doing a “Take Two”
on this title, only this time we’re presented with a brand new line-up (With Conan The Barbarian being the only senior member); This time around, Deathlok, Daredevil (Elektra), The Black Knight, Anti-Venom, Weapon H, and Cloak & Dagger join everyone’s favorite Cimmerian as he’s on the run against Deathlok but I really like how each member got an introduction but what I found to be the most interesting aspect is how can all these personalities come together to be a team. It may not live up to the standards set by the original series but it’s just fun and violent enough to satisfy the audience that enjoys seeing these anti-heroes band together.

Venom: Lethal Protector # 2– With this second issue, I find myself once again loving Venom’s earliest outing as an anti-hero. The battles with Hydro-Man and the continuation of his run-in with Humbug make for a pleasurable read all while giving us a Venom adventure that we will remember. David Michelinie once again delights fans with this lost episode of the character he helped in bringing to prominence while reminding readers like myself how cool the 90s were when it came to comic books.

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