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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1042
Amazing Spider-Man # 1
Batman Beyond The White Knight # 1
Detective Comics # 1059
Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 2
Hulk Grand Design: Madness # 1
Saga # 58
Silver Surfer Rebirth # 4
Teen Titans Academy # 14
Thor # 24

Amazing Spider-Man # 1– Sooo….we got ourselves a new volume of ASM. Gone is the 3X’s a week schedule and the rotating team of writers and artists (So long forever, Beyond era!); This time around, the new creative team of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. come together to usher in a new era for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. The issue takes a time jump to six months later in which Peter Parker is on the outs with Aunt May, Mary Jane, The Avengers, and even The Fantastic Four because of something horrible that he did (Trust me when I say that in the modern-day manner of storytelling that Marvel is known for, this mystery will be stretched out for at least a couple of months); I enjoy how Tombstone (A villain that got introduced in the Gerry Conway/Sal Buscema era of “Spectacular Spider-Man” back in the late 80s and made his presence felt in the 90s cartoon) and The Rose are once again making waves as the villains who will definitely give Spidey such tremendous grief during the tenure of this series. Wells’ strong and powerful approach to telling a story helps elevate this series to new heights. JRJr’s artwork, however, is a cross between brilliance and laziness, even with Scott Hanna returning as his inker, so I hope he can bring back some of the energy he had when he drew this book back in the early 2000s (Not crossing my fingers for that one). ASM is off to a good start but I’m praying that it only gets better past the first issue.

Godzilla vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 2– This series has been amazing even with two issues out. I mean, we get Godzilla taking on The Megazord (Which is so cool on so many levels) and the combined efforts of the Xilien invaders and Rita Repulsa causing trouble for the Rangers along with such amazing imagery of robots and monsters (Courtesy of Freddie Williams II), this is a series is a Sci-Fi fan’s dream come true; I also like to point out how sensational Cullen Bunn’s writing is as he really captures the essence of an alternate world being dominated by monsters and now Power Rangers and with that, this is one of the most surprising crossovers that will definitely be remembered.

Hulk Grand Design: Madness # 1– Jim Rugg wraps up his quirky yet explosive retrospect on The Hulk as he covers the end of the Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema/Mike Mignola run to the John Byrne era and I really love how the Peter David era got the most coverage as PAD’s eleven-year run (From 1987 to 1998) brought some of the most incredible (No pun intended) and mind-blowing factors that really defined The Hulk for the better and Rugg really outdid himself in unfurling that in his own way. Hulk: Grand Design is a monumental piece of work that covers the Green Goliath’s history without having to go buy so many back issues and I feel that all Hulk fans will appreciate the sentimental factor and the classic history behind one of the most quintessential characters to come out of The Marvel Universe.

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