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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines # 4
Avengers # 55
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 2
Blue And Gold # 8
Captain America # 0
The Flash # 781
Hulk # 6
Ice Cream Man # 29
The Secret War of The History of Weed # 1
Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse # 2
The Vampire Slayer # 1

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 2– Mark Waid and Dan Mora continue their respectful yet heartful romp through the DC Universe with two of its most iconic characters. I enjoy the mystery surrounding the title’s main villain, known only as The Devil Nezha. This issue comes complete with a wonderful side plot involving Supergirl and Robin (With some playful banter between the two of them thrown in for giggles) as well as the return of Felix Faust is more than enough to make anyone want to jump on this series that has such great history behind it and The Devil Nezha looks to be a promising villain that would give The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight a run for their money so with that, this series continues to be an absolute hit thanks to Waid and Mora.

Captain America # 0– Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson share the mantle of Captain America to great effect and this one-shot (Before the two of them go their separate ways with their own series) brings the very best out of both Caps as they face down Armin Zola who launches an all-out attack on NYC; This one-shot provides some much-needed action and excitement due to the lack of cohesive storytelling since 2018 so after reading this I said to myself “YES! YES! CAPTAIN AMERICA IS BACK!!” and it’s such a huge kick to see Sam Wilson back as Cap as he never got a real chance to prove he had what it took to weld the shield during his tenure as Cap but in this story is not only a factor of redemption for Sam but he totally shines which really made me happy. Marvel did a great job of giving Cap (Both Caps) a wonderful soft relaunch and this is a one-shot that’s truly one for the ages.

The Flash # 781– Wally West connects with Kid Flash for a memorable story that sees the two of them spending time together but it’s also one of the most fun yet normal issues to come out of Jeremy Adams’ run. Seeing Wally act as a mentor to Kid Flash the way that Barry Allen was to Wally himself brought back such fond memories of the Silver Age era and I think anyone that loves The Flash will appreciate the lighthearted tone that this issue brings with it and finds solace that there’s still life in this title.

The Secret War of The History of Weed # 1– Weed! Action Movies! The Eighties!- All these elements combined make for the raunchiest and gut-busting story to come out of Image Comics; In the mid-eighties, the President of The United States (whose approval ratings are the absolute lowest) brings in one of the biggest assets of the armed forces: Scotch McTiernan (An obvious parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris) to crush the cannabis epidemic in Northern California and as soon as he sets foot in the Northern Cali town of Humboldt, that’s when things get wild so to speak, especially when Scotch is introduced to “the evil” that is Marijuana (Needless to say, Scotch gets a tremendous buzz); The action is brutal but you will find yourself not being able to look away but to experience it in all its gloriousness and hilarity. And might I add that what sold me to this title is all the 1980s action movie elements that come alive and with the comical factors added in making this something that everyone should get behind; Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Scott Koblish (Known for their work on Deadpool) reunite to deliver a story that reminds us how great the eighties were all while proving such weird yet delightful moments that will have anyone in stitches. Hands down, this is truly a comic masterpiece.

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