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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*
Batman # 98
Batman: The Adventures Continue # 4
Black Widow # 1
Fantastic Four # 23
Fire Power # 3
Justice League # 52
Marvel Zombies Resurrection # 1
Marvel Tales Captain Britain # 1
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 18
Sea Of Stars # 6
Shazam # 14
Strange Adventures # 5
True Believers X-Men: Mister Sinister # 1
Young Justice # 18
Batman # 98- Harley Quinn vs Punchline Round 2! I really like how most of this issue focused more on that slugfest and leaving Joker on the sidelines until the finale and the whole bit of a drugged-up Batman hallucinating by seeing Alfred had a quirky “Twin Peaks” feel to it as we get to see how Batman will rise above that. So since it’s one more issue until # 100 I’m hoping that Joker War will be explosive than the past few Batman issues
and we’ll get to see the ultimate Batman/Joker confrontation.
Black Widow # 1 – I really enjoyed this, not because I’m still a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson’s version of the character (Which truly made me a fan) but I was really entertained how this new series focused heavily on Natasha’s background as a spy so this really will get people hooked on to this series and I also like the addition of Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and The Winter Soldier to the cast so their presence is very welcoming so we can expect the dynamics between the three of them to be entertaining but to also see what kind of stories will be produced from their friendship, so I’m totally invested in this series so I can see what comes next.
Marvel Zombies Resurrection # 1 – This is a new entry to the Marvel Zombies franchise; Spider-Man and a team of heroes (Forge, Moondragon and Franklin and Valeria Richards) find themselves saving any survivors due to the corps of Galactus that carried with it a cannibalistic virus; After reading this, I felt like this series leaned more towards “28 Days Later” than “The Walking Dead” which I thought was cool and to see a Peter Parker that’s disillusioned with being a hero in a world that’s going to the zombies! Now I may not be a huge zombie fan but the series’ dramatic elements give the story so much weight this could very well be a great story to add to the Marvel Zombies mythos.
Marvel Tales Captain Britain # 1- This was a great read and it really reminds me of my love for heroes and comics that come out of the UK and also my love for Captain Britain. Awesome read for anyone that enjoys the character as I do.
Shazam # 14- While this was a great series, I still feel like Geoff Johns should have given us a series finale with more weight and would have left the readers happy; Instead, we get a very rushed battle with Superboy-Prime (His return should have been made to be a big deal!), and that should have played out a couple more issues. Plus, Dr. Silvana/Mr. Mind arc with Billy Batson’s long-lost father was wrapped up way too fast which is a shame after Johns, Dale Eaglesham and Scott Kolins played this out with perfection for the past few issues so I felt that the series finale could have been more epic but for now, we’ll be happy with the ending we got……which is a shame.
That’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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