Eastin DeVerna revisits the world of ‘The Runner’ with ‘Mother’ at Source Point Press

From Source Point Press and Eastin DeVerna, author of ‘Samurai Grandpa,’ comes ‘Mother.’ Releasing Wednesday, Nov. 25, this post-apocalyptic tale returns readers to the world of DeVerna’s novel ‘The Runner,’ this time brought to life by Artist Dan Buksa, and is currently available for pre-order from Diamond Comic Distributors.

Koni never knew the color of the sun. It’s time for her to join her mother, Asha, on her first carry out into the wastelands. They were to bring materials for water filters to the dying village of Vine Ayre, but with only seven days’ time, could they make it through their unforgiving, dead world? Could Asha shield her daughter from burning in the rain? Could a mother keep her daughter safe? A harrowing and heartfelt post-apocalyptic tale set in the world of ‘The Runner.’

“I had the idea to expand on ‘The Runner’ universe and cross mediums, and saw this story come to life as a comic, with bits of prose sprinkled in to keep the same heavy, somber tone as ‘The Runner,’” says DeVerna.

‘The Runner’ is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Oxeyemedia.com.

“The Runner is a fan favorite amongst the novels that we publish, and I’m thrilled for this opportunity to send readers back to this world with a new story,” says SPP Art Director Joshua Werner.

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