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*All comics will be rated from a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 47
Batman Beyond # 46
Batman/Superman # 11
Batman: Three Jokers # 1
Bomb Queen # 1
Daredevil Annual # 1
Detective Comics # 1026
Doctor Tomorrow # 5
Fantastic Four: Antithesis # 1
Flash # 760
Iron Man 2020 # 5
Mars Attacks Red Sonja # 1
Spider-Man Noir # 3
Teen Titans Annual # 2
Wonder Woman # 761
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (Extended Cut) # 2

Batman: Three Jokers # 1– Ever since the revelation from 2016’s DC Universe: Rebirth that three jokers are running around the DC Universe this series did a great job of delivering on that as the premise of three Jokers bewildering Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood (And I enjoyed how The “Death In The Family” era Joker still affects Red Hood after all these years) is a story that is worth your time as it’s enjoyable to see three various versions of the character from different eras and this story is one of Geoff Johns’ best stories to date because he brings the grim and grime when it comes to the world of Batman and Jason Fabok’s artwork is right on par with Gary Frank’s work in terms of such glorious visuals that’s in sync with the script so this is a story that every Batman fan should check out.

Bomb Queen # 1– The premise is funny but will get you hooked immediately; A supervillain who gets roped into running for president by a Superman analogy who wants to bring down Donald Trump (Who’s still president in the year 2024 where the story of this title is taking place) so this title’s concept of politics being weaved into a superhero story is very entertaining and I also notice that Bomb Queen creator Jimmie Robinson did his best to stray away from the T&A given the design and look of the character. So while I enjoyed the first issue of this new series, I’m interested to see where this goes because it looks like the story itself is only going to get even more unhinged.

Fantastic Four: Antithesis # 1– A Fantastic Four story brought to us by Mark Waid and Neal Adams! Bet you thought you never hear these two comic legends would work on a FF story but it’s here but while Waid knocks it out the park with his script as he knows the FF very well due to his groundbreaking run with the late Mike Wieringo back in the mid-2000s, but while this collaboration is something all comic book geeks should be celebrating, it does seem like Adams’ artwork is hit and miss for the most part (Even with Mark Farmer’s bold inking and Laura Martin’s coloring over Neal’s pencils); The story itself is just flat-out wonderful and the ending, which features a disheveled Silver Surfer will shock you, even with the bombshell he drops (**NO SPOILERS **) so if you’re a huge FF fan like myself then this series is for you…..but I hope that Adams will sharpen his artwork to match the high standards that Waid brought to the table with his script.

Mars Attacks Red Sonja # 1– This is a crossover that will turn heads (Which is a good thing) and it does seem strange at first but the first issue comes across as an early 1960s Sci-Fi movie while celebrating it so John Layman outdid himself with the story and with these two big franchises going at it, the story itself will only get interesting.

Teen Titans Annual # 2– For all, you Damien Wayne fans out there, this is an annual you should not miss as it changes the dynamic between Damien and Batman (Due to the latter finding out about the former’s secret prison); And I’m hopeful that someone will pick up on this great plot element and expand on it because after you read this annual, you’ll want some closure when it comes to not only Damien and Batman but the Titans themselves.

Wonder Woman # 761– Once again, Mariko Tamaki is giving us a WW title that borders on action and suspense. The book’s current arc gets even better with this installment where Diana is forced to team up with Maxwell Lord to stop an app that warps people’s minds and you’ll never guess the real villain behind this (**NO SPOILERS**) and I really like it seeing as how Tamaki is about to bring everything full circle since she started writing the title so Wonder Woman under Mariko Tamaki is once again another hit for DC.

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