Comic Book Cats, number 39: The Temptation of Squeaky

Comic Book Cats, number 39: The Temptation of Squeaky, written & drawn by Michele Witchipoo, published by Witches Brew Press in Spring 2019.

Squeaky Squeakums was our cat for 10 years. We rescued her from an animal hoarder in June 2009. Squeaky was something of a quirky, misfit cat, but that just meant that she fit right in with us. She was a constant presence in our lives. She would often follow us around the apartment, meowing loudly. Often she would grab Michele’s pencils & markers & paintbrushes in her mouth and hide them all over the apartment, under the bed or chairs or rug.

Squeaky also loved to eat. She had been incredibly thin when we took her in, basically starving, so she was always obsessed with food. Inspired by this, Michele began working on a comic book about Squeaky. She finished it in early June and published it. The Temptation of Squeaky features Squeaky meeting the demon Maximus, who offers her all the turkey she can eat.

Squeaky passed away on June 16, 2019. She was a sweet, affectionate cat, and we still miss her. I’m glad that she has been immortalized in print. If you would like to purchase a copy you can find ordering information on Michele’s blog. Please also check out her Psycho Bunny webcomic on Webtoons.

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