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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1037
Amazing Spider-Man # 81
Batman # 118
Batman 2021 Annual # 1
Cloaked # 1
Justice League Infinity # 6
King Spawn # 5
Superman: Son of Kal-El 2021 Annual # 1
Wonder Girl # 6

Amazing Spider-Man # 81– Ben Reilly meets up with Miles Morales for the first time since “Spider-Geddon” but while things between the two of them are awkward to say the very least (The Beyond Corporation recently slapped Miles with a cease and desist because of the Spider-Man trademark) they quickly put aside their difference to take down a “Toxic Avenger”-Esque villain; Saladin Ahmed brings such depth and characterization in his scripts but makes his stories come across as being strong and Carlos Gomez should do more Spider-Man work because of the astonishing details he puts in his art. This is by far one of the strongest issues of ASM and I, for one, would love to see more stories by Ahmed and Gomez since they work well as a unit and produce such great work.

Batman # 118– Joshua Willamson and Jorge Molina debut as the book’s new creative team and I enjoy how they kick things off with a bang so to speak. Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham and sets off on an adventure that will have him cross paths with a new villain and at the same time, solve a mystery involving some of the members of “Batman Inc.”; The new direction is definitely a fresh change of pace but also brings in the international factor and intrigue that. Get ready to meet the new beneficiary of “Batman Inc.” which will come as a HUGE surprise (**NO SPOILERS**); Willamson and Molina take Batman out of the shadows and into something big which will no doubt be another great entry to The Dark Knight’s history.

Cloaked # 1 – Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson weaves a tale about a vigilante called The Reaper that brought justice to the city he lives in…..until one day, he simply disappeared! Enter investigator Jake Stevens who’s been hired to find the missing hero; This series takes the premise of Batman and throws in some noir elements for good measure and at the same time, will take the readers on a journey that will tell the true story of The Reaper and the man who was under the mask. A great story for anyone who’s a Batman fan and takes the concept turns it upside down and delivers a unique tale.

Superman: Son of Kal-El 2021 Annual # 1 – Superman vs. Lex Luthor! By far one of the most longstanding rivalries in the history of comic books, so when I read this annual I did like how this rivalry gets a new facelift as Jon Kent finally meets Lex Luthor himself; Right off the bat this is one of the most entertaining Superman annuals I ever came across and seeing the Clark Kent then Jon finds their own solutions when it comes to dealing with Lex and I also enjoyed the fact that Jon did a great job of representing his father when it came to facing his longtime foe and knowing how he maneuvers. While some people may tire of the Superman/Lex Luthor feud because of the whole “It’s been done before” aspect, this annual sparked new interest because of the new Superman, and this story will leave you wanting more.

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