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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 80
Avengers # 50
Daredevil # 36
Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man # 1
Fantastic Four # 38
Firepower # 18
Hardware: Season One # 3
Maniac In New York: The Bronx Is Burning # 1
Moon Knight # 5
Radiant Black # 10
Venom # 2
Wonder Girl # 5


Amazing Spider-Man # 80– This issue wraps up the conflict between Ben Reilly and Kraven The Hunter and for me, their battle felt like something out of the Bronze Era from hallucinations to Spidey getting the upper hand on Kraven, their battle always feel exciting and this one was no different (Except for the fact that Peter Parker is still in a hospital bed); While it’s a shame the Spidey/Kraven battle resolved so fast so that the Beyond Corporation can get the spotlight once again, this new era of ASM may lean heavily on the corporate aspects when the Beyond Corporation is concerned, but first and foremost it’s still a Spider-Man story at heart.

Death Of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man # 1– With Dr. Strange’s passing, part of his will and testament has Spidey dealing with some problems of the supernatural kind but with a skeptical Black Cat aiding him (She feels like Ben Reilly doesn’t deserve the mantle of Spider-Man) they come across as a cohesive unit working side-by-side and it felt like a story I would have read back in the 1980s. This one-shot gave the readers two things- One, it did an astonishing job of keeping Dr. Strange’s legacy alive and two, it made Ben Reilly look strong as Spider-Man without The Beyond Corporation tagging along so that’s a big positive. A great read for anyone who wants to enjoy a Spider-Man/Black Cat team-up.

Fantastic Four # 38– The Wizard returns to gain sole custody of Bentley-23 so the FF enlist the help of She-Hulk as they take the particular battle into court; Right away this felt more like a “Law & Order’ episode than a FF story with some action thrown in for good measure (This issue would be boring if there were no superpowers on display); This issue is entertaining but I just couldn’t get past the sitcom vibe that was presented throughout this story but I hope that Dan Slott can get this book back on track.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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