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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman: The Detective # 1
Daredevil # 29
Fantastic Four # 30
Iron Man # 8
Karmen # 2
Maestro: War & Pak # 4
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 2
Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow # 1
Superman # 30
Thor # 14
Wonder Woman # 771

Batman: The Detective # 1– Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert team up to deliver a Batman story that takes him to Europe after a group of Batmen hijacks a plane en route to London from Gotham quickly catch Bruce Wayne’s attention, he leaves Gotham for Europe to get to the bottom of this incident; Right off the bat, we get to see an older and battle-scarred Batman who’s still reeling from the loss of Alfred Pennyworth and his closest allies, and I like the early Grant Morrison influences spread throughout the issue which may or may not win over any Batman fan but Taylor really puts his own stamp on this story, making it enjoyable yet keeps the action and suspense on point. Andy Kubert’s artworks very well when he inks himself so this was a pleasant surprise. Batman: The Detective is a fun romp and since it isn’t nowhere as clumsy as say, “The Dark Knight Returns” sequels, it’s a Batman story worth your time.

Daredevil # 29– Elektra’s tenure as Daredevil is an absolute hit for me and the readers will enjoy this new take on DD; I really like how she’s got a more different method of crimefighting and solving problems than Matt Murdock did, it’s so great and I wish we could get more of that but I’m also liking the subplot of Matt Murdock’s time in prison as well as the long-awaited return of a classic DD villain (He got a lot of shine during the Frank Miller era); This title is getting better with every issue and it’s still one of the most explosive eras for Daredevil.

Karmen # 2– Another great issue for this series; Really love the chemistry between Karmen and Cata while the latter is still discovering her newfound abilities but what’s really cool about this series is how Guillem March’s art and writing is definitely hitting it out the park and the realistic touch he brings when it comes to making both Karmen and Cata alive in every page. This series is truly fantastic and will win over anyone who reads it.

Non-Stop Spider-Man # 2– The action continues to come across like a runaway train but that’s a good thing because it succeeds in entertaining the readers. Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo continue to put Spidey through his paces as he continues to dig deeper into the mystery of the drug known as “A-Plus” and a certain villain who’s currently making the rounds in The MCU makes an appearance that will definitely have a huge impact when the mastermind behind this drug meets up with Spidey, and I have to say that NSSM is a fun series in terms of ramping up the action all while making this one of the most creative Spider-Man titles out there.

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow # 1– Chip Zdarksy is really making a name for himself as one of the most popular writers in comics today, and he definitely knows how to write a Spider-Man story, as evident with his run on “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man: Life Story”; But with this series, which is modeled after the classic “What If?” series dares to ask the darkest question- “What If Peter Parker never got rid of the Symbiote he brought back from the Secret Wars?”; Somehow, the readers get a perfect response to that question and the results are just mind-blowing! The story itself revels in its dark factors and will leave a chill in your bones, I might also add that Pasqual Ferry’s artwork adds to the dark overtones that this series brings with it. Spider’s Shadow really does an amazing job of blending the superheroic elements with horror but at the heart of it, it’s still a Spider-Man story but once the series kicks into high gear, it reminds us that good won’t always triumph over evil in this case.

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