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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade # 1
Captain America Anniversary Tribute # 1
Iron Man # 7
Justice League # 59
Kick-Ass Vs Hit-Girl # 5
King In Black: Spider-Man # 1
Radiant Black # 2
Thor # 13
Ultraman: The Trials Of Ultraman # 1
Ultramega # 1

Captain America Anniversary Tribute # 1– This is an excellent tribute for one of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes as some of the most talented artists come together to give a fresh take on the stories from Captain America Comics # 1 and Avengers # 4
and this concept is done to perfection. From Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, Mark Bagley, and John Cassady to Jim Cheung, Mahmud Asrar, Patrick Gleason, and rising superstar Peach Momoko just to name a few, this tribute to The Sentinel of Liberty is a monumental celebration of his anniversary all while reminding us what an icon Captain America is.

Justice League # 59– Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez reunite to usher in a new era for DC’s premier superteam and let me say that so far, what they brought to the table is very impressive. Seeing the League bring in new members as well as the return of some classic ones such as Green Arrow and Black Canary, this new era of JL is starting out with some promise and the inclusion of Black Adam is a great touch for this story and him being part of the team will result in some great moments for this title (Still not calling him “Shazadam”); If Bendis and Marquez can take their collaboration and make magic instead of missteps (I’m talking about you, Civil War 2!) then Justice League will continue to be a hit.

King In Black: Spider-Man # 1– This is another KIB tie-in that really surprised me yet succeeded in delivering a good story. Spidey finds himself teaming up with Reptil of Avengers Academy fame to combat the symbiote attacks in NYC; What I loved most about this tie-in is how we see Reptil doing his best to follow in Spidey’s footsteps in terms of being a hero and never giving up in the face of danger so this part of this book is an absolute joy to read and hoping that all of the King In Black tie-in would be this exciting to enjoy.

Radiant Black # 2– Kyle Higgins is one of those defining writers that not only writes great superhero stories but really gets to the heart and soul of them so that’s what he doing with Radiant Black and since it’s now two issues in this series is really a good read. Seeing Nathan try to make sense of his newfound powers while trying to make a life for himself really harkens back to the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko era of Amazing Spider-Man and once again, Higgins has brought to us a superhero story for a new generation that has the same exuberance that Invincible had, and for that we’re grateful.

Ultramega # 1- Now this is a title that really took me by surprise (And special thanks to Eddie DeAngelini and Kristen Parraz at Hi De Ho Comics for showcasing this title); James Harren brings to us a story where a cosmic virus turns ordinary people into kaiju monsters and The Ultramega (Which is a group of three people with fantastic powers) are basically the last line of defense against these monsters. Harren’s writing and artworks balance the sci-fi oddities with the horror factor and with Dave Stewart’s colors bring us something very unique but will shock you with every page you read. If you’re a big fan of kaiju monsters, Ultramega is definitely the book for you.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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