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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 40
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 22
Daredevil: Black Armor # 2
Geiger: Ground Zero # 2
The Incredible Hulk # 7
The Original X-Men # 1
Spider-Boy # 2
Superior Spider-Man # 2
Superman # 9
Uncanny Spider-Man # 5
Wonder Woman # 4

Daredevil: Black Armor # 2– D.G. Chichester continues his nostalgia trip as he loads up on the action (along with a rare Spider-Man appearance) as DD takes on Sabretooth and Hobgoblin (The Jason Macendale version that’s more fleshed out than he ever was during the ’90s since none of the Spider-Man writers sans Howard Mackie never did much with him) in a no-holds-barred battle that will captive anyone reading this series and with the sudden appearance of Baron Von Strucker this series continues to impress seeing as how it’s on its second issue. Even though this was considered a bleak time for Daredevil, this series has shown us that new life and a strong creative force can be properly used to good effect while ensuring that readers don’t feel weird about taking a stroll down memory lane.

The Original X-Men # 1– About eleven years ago Marvel decided to take a risk by taking the original members of X-Men and placing them in the present so now it looks like Marvel is going back to the well but this time, the X-Teens get plucked from their era by Jean Grey/Phoenix from another timeline so that they can talk some sense into their future selves; Is this story entertaining? Yes! but it does have a horrible habit of jumping on the Multiverse bandwagon to where it never has the same impact that “All-New X-Men” had when it debuted in 2012 so it seems as if this one-shot was conceived just to celebrate the team’s 60th anniversary…..too bad this story brought the celebration to a complete halt. Let’s hope that the next time Marvel wants to roll out the red carpet for their fan-favorite mutants, they will remember to take this concept and try to do something exciting while having a real story to tell. Those are the breaks, I guess.

Spider-Boy # 2– Without a doubt, Bailey Briggs aka Spider-Boy has continued to grow a steady fanbase due to his appearance and his new series but while the fun in reading Spider-Boy comes with the frequent team-ups with Spider-Man it’s also a blast to see him interact with the Marvel Universe and we get that with his team-up with none other than Captain America himself; The two of them go up against Taskmaster in a delightful story that has that vintage “Marvel Team-Up” vibe to it while giving Bailey a Christmas miracle in this issue epilogue; The rest of the issue, however, finishes off his teaming with Squirrel Girl. Dan Slott’s writing and his well-rounded handling of Bailey should be met with praise as he made him fascinating to the point where he’s not a Peter Parker ripoff but he’s definitely his own person and at the same time, getting to see his personality shine on each page along with the quirky yet dangerous adventures he embarks on will win over even the most skeptical comic fan who’s unsure about picking up this title so it’s safe to say that it’s a marvelous time to become a Spider-Boy fan and knowing that Marvel has put out a title that puts a strong emphasis on being fun.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time. Merry Christmas.

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