This April, Taigami’s new symbiote superstar KID VENOM emerges in the main Marvel Universe in a new solo series!


New York, NY— December 21, 2023 — KID VENOM’s future in the Marvel Universe is here! Following his debut in Death of the Venomverse, acclaimed manga creator Taigami continues his vision of KID VENOM in an a four-issue solo comic book series this April.

Earlier this year, readers saw the birth of a new symbiote legend in the pages of the Death of the Venomverse series. Set in 10th century Japan, the story told of a young hero named Kintaro who protected his village from mysterious symbiote attacks by embracing a symbiote of his very own! As he bonded himself to a new symbiote entity dubbed Clinter, Kintaro embraced his wild new abilities as Kid Venom! Now, witness Kid Venom’s journey take a dramatic turn deeper into the Marvel mythos when he crosses over into present day 616 this April!

JAPAN, 977. Kid Venom has made his presence known to the evil symbiotes taking people and creatures hostage…but who else has their eye on Kintaro and his symbiote? Witness the world of Kid Venom expand as new characters and dangers are revealed!

On introducing this character to the Marvel Universe, Taigami said: “It is an honor. I was a big fan of the Marvel Universe since I was in school, so this feels unreal that the characters and the stories that I came up with are in that Universe, and I still can’t believe it!

“Kid Venom was based on a one shot that I sent for a manga contest Shonen Magazine and Marvel held in 2018. One of the rules for the contest was [to use a theme or a character from Marvel and write and draw a first episode for a new series], and the theme that I chose was symbiote.

“The next thing that I thought was who would be the best host for a symbiote. There were already many Venoms and there were enough variations, so I thought it had be something totally new to be recognized. In Japan, there are several famous folklores such as ‘Momotaro’ and ‘Urashimataro.’ Among them, there is a story of ‘Kintaro.’ The legend is about a boy who was strong, living with his mother in Mount Ashigara. He later was hired by Minamoto Yorimitsu, a very high ranked samurai and defeats many yokai. Later he becomes one of the four samurais of Minamoto Yorimitsu. This story is a mix of folklore and a historical story from the Heian Era of Japan. So when I mixed Symbiote to the legend of Kintaro, ‘Kid Venom’ was born.”

Like other major Marvel launches, KID VENOM #1 will have a special FOIL VARIANT COVER. Check out the piece below by artist Gerardo Sandoval’s and see KID VENOM unleash his full symbiote strength this April!  If fans missed the start of this new symbiote saga, all four KID VENOM chapters from Death of the Venomverse will be collected in KID VENOM: ORIGINS #1, on sale January 3!


Written by TAIGAMI

Art and Cover by TAIGAMI
Foil Variant Cover by GERARDO SANDOVAL

On Sale 4/17

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